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Leide is a region of the world of Eos that belongs to the Kingdom of Lucis in Final Fantasy XV. It is the first region open for players to explore.

The area consists of a large desert surrounding the capital of Lucis, Insomnia, with gas stations and repairs shops spawning through the locale. Hammerhead is the most important shop in the region, owned by Cid Sophiar and his granddaughter, Cindy Aurum.

To the north of the region, a royal arm can be found in a dungeon, and the party can also explore an abandoned mine and sewer area near the gate to Insomnia where higher level monsters can be found. The infamous Bandersnatch also makes its home in a small lake area northwest of Hammerhead station.


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A fearsome wyvern once stalked Leide whose gaze is said to have turned the Ostium region to stone.[1]

Parts of Leide used to be covered by the Wall projected by the king of Lucis, but as Niflheim intensified its attack during the Great War of M.E. 725, the Wall's power was concentrated over the Crown City and Leide became vulnerable. Imperial forces breached the region and established bases there. Leide used to get purified water from the Crestholm Channels, but after the imperial takeover the facility ceased operations.

The party pushes the car through Leide.

During Prince Noctis's journey to wed Lady Lunafreya in M.E. 756, his car, the Regalia, breaks down. Noctis and his traveling companions seek help from the mechanic Cindy Aurum at the local Hammerhead garage. They meet her grandfather, Cid Sophiar, who berates Noctis, saying he is not ready to become the king of Lucis. On a radio in a diner, a newscast talks about the king soon signing a peace treaty with the Empire of Niflheim, and how Leide will be among the areas that will be annexed to the latter. Though the people who live on such outlands oppose, the citizens of the crown city of Insomnia support the annexation if it will bring peace to the nation.

While Cindy fixes the party's car Noctis and his friends help a man named Dave who has been hunting monsters, and find there are numerous hunts they can take on in the area. Cindy asks them to take something to the Longwythe Rest Area where Noctis runs into a dog named Umbra. Umbra delivers Noctis a red notebook he has been using to keep in secret communication with his bride-to-be, Luna.

The route to Insomnia blockaded.

At the port in Galdin Quay they find that the ferry is not running. They stay the night and the next morning learn that Insomnia has been attacked by Niflheim. They turn back only to find the route to Insomnia blockaded by the empire. Noctis learns his father has been killed, and returns to Hammerhead. With help from Cor Leonis of Insomnia's Crownsguard, Noctis embarks on his quest to collect the royal arms of his forebears to gain power enough to reclaim his kingdom. After finding two royal tombs near Keycatrich, Cor helps Noctis and his friends demolish Norduscaen Blockade to open the way to the Duscae region, and the party leaves Leide.

Noctis keeps in contact with the Hammerhead crew, receiving help in tracking down the Regalia when the car is seized by the Empire, and for repairing King Regis's ship they discover in a secret harbor at Cleigne. After Noctis escapes the continent on his late father's ship, he doesn't return for ten years.

Ten years later, Noctis returns and docks King Regis's ship at the abandoned Galdin Quay that has been overtaken by daemons. After Noctis disappeared in the aftermath of his infiltrating the Empire, the sun never rose again and the world was plunged into chaos. Leide is roaming with daemons and few people live there anymore, but the Hammerhead is still being used as a hunters' HQ. Noctis is picked up by Talcott Hester and brought to Hammerhead where he meets his old friends. After setting up camp one last time outside Insomnia, the party heads to the ruins for Noctis to fulfill his destiny as the True King to bring light back to the world.

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NPC dialogue with Hunters reveals there used to be a tunnel across Leide dug out by the royal family. The player can visit a tunnel just to the south of the Norduscaen Blockade as part of a fetch quest for Cindy, which may the same tunnel the NPCs were talking about. It has some glitchy lighting as tunnels are usually intended fo driving through with the Regalia. The player can also find a new recipe for Ignis here by reading a poster.


Color stone "shard" and silver/gold/prismatic "dust" grade minerals from mineral deposits are found around Leide. A mineral deposit can give either silver/gold/prismatic type minerals or color stone ingredients. Which specific ones the player gets is random.




Tired of RunningRescuesAvailable from the start300 EXP, 500 Gil
Search and RescueRescuesComplete "The Mutant Marauder"300 EXP, 500 Gil
A Cry for HelpRescuesVisit the Longwythe Rest Area and speak to the motel owner to advance "The Errand Prince"300 EXP, 500 Gil
Conceal, Don't FeelRescuesComplete "A Cry for Help"300 EXP, 500 Gil
Palpable PainRescuesReach Chapter 02 and complete "Tired of Running"350 EXP, 900 Gil
Lost Without a PotionRescuesReach Chapter 02 and complete "Search and Rescue"350 EXP, 900 Gil
Distress in the DesertRescuesReach Chapter 02 and complete "Lost Without a Potion"350 EXP, 900 Gil
Scared and StrandedRescuesReach Chapter 02 and complete "A Cry for Help"350 EXP, 900 Gil
An Exaggerated InjuryRescuesReach Chapter 02 and complete "Scared and Stranded"350 EXP, 900 Gil
When You BelieveRescuesReach Chapter 09 and complete "Palpable Pain"1,000 EXP, 6,000 Gil
Broken-DownBroken CarsAvailable from the start300 EXP, 500 Gil
Highway HelperBroken CarsAvailable from the start300 EXP, 500 Gil
Unlucky DriverBroken CarsAvailable from the start300 EXP, 500 Gil
Stranded on the SandBroken CarsReach Chapter 02 and complete "Highway Helper"500 EXP, 900 Gil
Roadside AssistanceBroken CarsReach Chapter 03 and complete "Stranded on the Sand"500 EXP, 900 Gil
One Tune-Up Too ManyBroken CarsReach Chapter 03 and complete "Unlucky Driver"350 EXP, 900 Gil
Car-mic RetributionBroken CarsReach Cape Caem in Chapter 06 and complete "Broken-Down"500 EXP, 1,500 Gil
Waiting for HelpBroken CarsReach Cape Caem in Chapter 06 and complete "Car-mic Retribution"350 EXP, 900 Gil
Careless in a CarBroken CarsReach Chapter 09 and complete "Highway Helper"1,500 EXP, 6,000 Gil
Automotive AgitationBroken CarsReach Chapter 09 and complete "Stranded on the Sand"1,500 EXP, 6,000 Gil
Rise and Shine and RunToursCamp in Lachyrte Haven20 AP
Stirred, Not ShakenToursCamp in Cotisse Haven20 AP
The Hallowed Hill of HammerheadToursCamp in Palmaugh Haven20 AP
Gone HuntingDaveComplete "The Errand Prince" in Chapter 01500 EXP, Hi-Potion x10
Dust to DustDaveComplete Dave's "Gone Hunting"600 EXP, Mega-Potion x5
Hunters and GatherersTakkaComplete "Scenic Delivery"500 EXP, Cleigne Wheat x5, Dualhorn Steak x5, Leiden Pepper x5, Hammerhead Hot Sandwich
Scenic DeliveryTakkaComplete "The Power of Kings" in Chapter 02300 EXP, Gighee Ham x2, Leiden Potato x2, Sheep Milk x2, Funguar x2
The Ever Regal RegaliaCindyReach Chapter 02 and complete "The Power of Kings"150 EXP, Aero Wax component
A Place to Call HomeVyvComplete "Vyv's Volcanic Inspiration"3,500 EXP, 17,500 Gil, Time photo filler
Chase That Chocobo!WizComplete "A Feathery Fest"2,000 EXP, Valfruit Seeds x1, O'Ghomoro Berry Seeds x1, Cieldalaes Pineapple Seeds x1, Han Lemon Seeds x1
A Legend Is BornRandolphReach Chapter 158,500 EXP, Iron Duke
Balouve MinesDungeonsEnter Balouve Mines10,500 EXP, Bow of the Clever
Crestholm ChannelsDungeonsEnter Crestholm Channels10,000 EXP
Formouth GarrisonDungeonsEnter Formouth Garrison10,000 EXP
Let Sleeping Mountains LieMultipleReturn to Lucis via Umbra/royal vessel in Chapter 9 or laterUnlocks Lonely Rumblings in Longwythe Hunt

Armiger Unleashed[]

In the Windows and Royal Editions, the player can gain access to Armiger Unleashed by interacting with the statue of the Founder King in northern Leide, in the ruins of Keycatrich, after they have collected all thirteen royal arms.



Leide is a first person singular present of the German verb leiden. Leiden is a German verb meaning "to suffer; to feel pain".


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