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The Legendary Smith is a non-player character in the 3D remake of Final Fantasy III. She will make ultimate weapons for each job class when certain conditions are met.



The Legendary Smith has silver hair that covers her left eye. She wears a lavender apron, silver gauntlets, and a blue skirt. Her eyes are brown and she has a red hair clip.


The Legendary Smith, true to her name, is a master in making legendary equipment. She travels the world to search for legendary metals. When Ingus asks her to fix Sara's pendant, the smith says she wouldn't normally, but she'll do it due to liking the looks of Ingus's eyes. Money doesn't interest her, and she prefers legendary metals, wanting to temper them.


Restore Princess Sara's pendant[]

The party will receive a message from Princess Sara about her pendant (the player will have to check Mognet as Ingus), and the player must visit Castle Sasune: East Tower. In Princess Sara's room she will give the player the pendant that has recently broken, and needs repairing.

The party needs to visit Takka to have it repaired and he will claim it is beyond his abilities. Regardless, in his mail (the player will have to check Mognet as Refia) he informs the party of the Legendary Smith whom they must find in North Western Saronia. She repairs the pendant, and in return asks the party to find her some Orichalcum. The player can return the pendant to Princess Sara in her tower.

Find Orichalcum[]

Legendary Smith location in Falgabard.

After acquiring the Invincible, checking Mognet as Refia yields a message from Takka titled "Orichalcum", and after that another one from Cid titled "Something in the Basement...". Talking to Cid in Canaan, the party learns about the monster in Cid's basement, the Aeon. Defeating it yields "Unknown Metal", which Cid identifies as Orichalcum. The player can take the Orichalcum to the Legendary Smith in Falgabard after unlocking the door in Eureka. The smith will provide the Ultima Weapon, and then wander the world.

The smith's locations[]

Once the above conditions are met, the Legendary Smith can be found in the following areas:

The fastest way to find her is to wander between Gysahl and Healing Copse on the Nautilus, as they are close and the player can keep trying in both until she appears.

Job master items[]

The Legendary Smith hands over the Magic Lance.

Whenever a job reaches level 99, the Legendary Smith will give the party a piece of equipment exclusive for that job. She will only give one of that item. If the party has more than one job at level 99, and they set two or more characters in those different level 99 jobs, the Legendary Smith will pick whichever job appears first on the job menu. The Legendary Smith will leave the area and the player will have to find her again if they wish to get the mastery item for the other job.

The Legendary Smith gives the player a job card along with the piece of equipment, which allows the player to add a signature to Mognet messages to other players (e.g. Master Scholar). Provided the Smith is unlocked, a player who has received a letter with a signature can obtain the master equipment for that job from the Smith without reaching job level 99, but the Smith will not grant the player a card without mastering the job.

Weapon Crystal Lv. 99 Job Attack Special
Gigantic Axe Wind Warrior 155 Strength +20
Gladius Wind Thief 130 Agility +20
Artemis Bow Fire Ranger 122 Strength +10, Agility +10
Omnitome Fire Scholar 130 Intellect+10, Mind +10
Blessed Bell Fire Geomancer 130 Agility, Mind, Intellect +10
Magic Lance Water Dragoon 145 Strength +20
Mighty Hammer Water Viking 145 Vitality +20; lightning-elemental
Murakumo Water Dark Knight 140 Agility +20; effective against dividing enemies.
Muramasa Earth Ninja 140 Strength, Vitality, Intellect, Mind +5;
Effective against dividing enemies.
Sage Staff Earth Sage 110 All statistics +10
Onion Blade (Secret) Onion Knight 150 All statistics +7
Lilith Rod Wind Black Mage 110 Casts Death when used as an item; Intellect +20.
Save the Queen Fire Knight 140 Casts Reflect when used as an item; Mind +10, Vitality +10.
Holy Wand Earth Devout 110 Casts Curaga when used as an item; Mind +20.
Millennium Rod Earth Magus 110 Casts Blizzaga when used as an item; Mind +10, Intellect +10.
Armor Crystal Lv. 99 Job Defense Special
Celestial Gloves (Start) Freelancer 40 All statistics +15
Crimson Vest Wind Red Mage 50 All statistics +10
Shura Gloves Wind Monk 45 Strength +20
Angel Robe Wind White Mage 45 Mind +20
Master Dogi Earth Black Belt 54 Mind +10, Agility +10
Ballad Crown Water Bard 35 Mind +10, Vitality +10
Royal Crown Water Evoker 33 Mind +10, Intellect +10
Astral Bracers Earth Summoner 47 Mind +10, Intellect +10