Legendary Guardian is a time-limited event where Auron from Final Fantasy X can be added to Mog's group of warriors. This paralogue of the main scenario is located after Chapter 8.

Quests[edit | edit source]

Story Cutscenes[edit | edit source]

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Training Grounds:

It is recommended that you clear Ch. 8: Capta Est Tower before playing.

  • Yuna: Whew... The monsters in this tower are rather fearsome.
  • Wakka: Just the thing for your summoner's training. We're right behind ya, so don't sweat it.
  • Tidus: Exactly! You got a hundred and ten percent of our support!
  • Vivi: Hang in there, Miss Yuna! I'll try my hardest, too!
  • Yuna: Thank you, everyone.
  • Yuna: I...wonder if I'm getting stronger.
  • Eiko: You can do it! I'm cheering for you!
  • Vivi: Yeah! I can breathe easy just having you here!
  • Vivi: Don't you think so, too, Mister?
  • ???: ...I wonder about that.
  • Wakka: Haha... Harsh as ever, Auron...
  • Tidus: You can say that again. That's why Auron always—
  • Wakka: ...!? H-h-how long have you been standing there!?
  • Auron: From a moment ago.
  • Vivi: Yipes, I was talking to a stranger...
  • Eiko: Wh-who the heck are you! It's rude to surprise a lady like that! You scared the stuffing outta me!
  • Tidus: Vivi, Eiko, relax. He's no stranger. You could almost say he's as familiar as they come...
  • Yuna: It's been a while, Sir Auron. I'm happy to see you again.
  • Auron: ...This isn't the time for joyous reunions. Look over there.

(The party turns around with their weapons)

  • Vivi: Wah! A monster!
  • Eiko: Argh! Why does everyone have to pop out of nowhere like that!? If you're gonna show up suddenly, say so first!
  • Auron: Perfect timing. Yuna, Tidus. Let's see how you've grown.
  • Yuna: Wha—?
  • Wakka: Yuna, it's all good. With Auron on our side, we got nothin' to worry 'bout!
  • Auron: Who said I was joining you?
  • Eiko: ...Whaaat? I thought you're her friend! Give us a hand here!
  • Auron: I'll be watching closely. You won't get any help from me.
  • Vivi: Y-you can't mean that! What if we lose? Then what?
  • Auron: We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
  • Wakka: Harsh, man... Alright, bring it on!
  • Tidus: Let's show Auron what we're made of!
Proof of Strength:
  • Tidus: Yahoo! The winners!
  • Firion: He really did just watch. Is he some big shot where you're from?
  • Wakka: Ya, he's a legendary guardian.
  • Firion: A guardian means...he protects a traveling summoner, was it?
  • Wakka: Right, and the summoner saves the world. Been there, done that for Sir Auron.
  • Yuna: Sir Auron journeyed with my father and defeated Sin.
  • Firion: So if I follow you...defeating Sin's what made him legendary?
  • Tidus: ...More or less.
  • Auron: Not bad. You've improved.
  • Yuna: No, I'm afraid I...still have a long way to go.
  • Yuna: I've only made it this far with everyone else's support.
  • Auron: Hah. You should be happy with that.
  • Auron: The number of guardians you have is the number of people you can rely on.
  • Auron: The strength of your guardians is a sign of your own strength. Hold your head higher.
  • Yuna: Y-yes! Thank you, sir!
  • Firion: He just complimented us.
  • Tidus: Aren't you happy about it.
  • Firion: Why shouldn't I be? Someone a big enough deal to be called a legend complimented all my friends.
  • Wakka: ...Ya can sure be honest when ya least expect it. Or maybe "pure" is the word.
  • Yuna: Ah, Sir Auron. If it's no problem, might you consider traveling with us...?
  • Auron: Of course. I intend to.
  • Auron: Your enemies' strength will also grow from here on out. I will once more escort you as a guardian.
  • Vincent: A legendary guardian, eh...? How much ability must one have to be called a legend?
  • Auron: ...Legends don't mean a thing when all the rules have changed. Don't let your guard down just because I'm here.
  • Vincent: Change the world and titles are irrelevant? Sound reasoning.
  • Auron: Precisely. And strength doesn't come from an individual's title or power.
  • Tidus: Why are you two so serious? The gist is, it's everyone's power together that's important. Am I right?
  • Vincent: ...Hmph. Such innocence.
  • Auron: Through and through. How much trouble has he caused you?
  • Tidus: Why's it a given I'm causing trouble!
  • Auron: As his chaperone, too, I beg your cooperation.
  • Vincent: Heh. ...Likewise. I can tell he's been a handful for you.
A New Story:
  • Cyan: An enormous tower, this is. Prodigious in monsters and no top in sight.
  • Auron: The monsters around here are trivial. ...Let's keep moving.
  • Zell: You call those trivial!? Man, legend is right!
  • Cyan: Sir Auron has a superior sword arm and the nerve to match it.
  • Yang: Indeed. Fighting alongside him is a right fine workout.

(Tidus arrives)

  • Tidus: Can you lay it on a little thicker?
  • Yuna: Haha, it's truly a great help having you with us, Sir Auron.
  • Yuna: Running into you in a place like this... Miracles really do happen!
  • Auron: Not that easily, they don't. I'm here because you are.
  • Yuna: ...What do you mean?
  • Zell: It almost sounds like you've been tailing us the whole time.
  • Auron: Oh ho, you're sharper than you look.
  • Auron: Just so, I came to this tower and have been observing you for a while.
  • Yang: What!? I hadn't the slightest!
  • Cyan: Nor I. My training is clearly far from adequate.
  • Tidus: Why didn't you show your face sooner!? You're fine watching Yuna struggle!?
  • Auron: It was to assess the situation; this isn't Spira. And after all...aren't you there to protect her?
  • Tidus: Well, yeah, but...
  • Auron: If I couldn't confirm your journey wasn't in error, I wouldn't have offered to help.
  • Auron: Moreover...I was enjoying myself. Watching all you and your companions put into growing stronger...
  • Yang: Paternal devotion...you might say.
  • Cyan: I understand thy feeling all too well, Sir Auron.
  • Yuna: I want to save the world with everyone else... This isn't Spira, but my mind is made up.
  • Yuna: So please, lend us your strength in this world, too!
  • Auron: The start of a new story...eh?
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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first Global character event to be released out of order from the Japanese release: Auron's event was released after Lion's instead of Garnet's.
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