Template:Listen ("Legend of the Deep Forest", 大森林の伝説?, lit. Dai Shinrin no Densetsu), also known as "As I Feel You Feel", is the location theme for the Great Forest of Moore in Final Fantasy V. It has a melancholic and mysterious tune.

Other Versions

Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales

An arranged version plays when entering the forest.

Final Fantasy V: Dear Friends

The track is titled "As I Feel, You Feel." It is sung in Saami by the artist Angelit.


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"I Feel as You Feel"

Gii boaðašii ja vuolgašii
Loktešii dàn dovddu,
Deavdašii dan unna doaivvu
Eana mojoda
Nu jaskaðit, nu leggaðit

Leago dat roahkatvuohta,
Jos bargan dan
Dahje, jos in bargga haidige
Dolla buoldaša mu muoðuit
Almni iudne ruoksadin...

Mun muitan savgaldusadit,
Ivnnit leat mu mielas.
Dovdduit maid donddan,
Dat leat go càhci...
Gos dat bohte?
Gosa bahtaredje?

Mii lea duoddariigguin,
Mii lea mieras?
Dan hàlivccen diehtit
Bissànan jurdagiidda,
Divdan biegga muitalit,
Muitalit eadalagan màilbmis

Gidda mu calbmii, lihkà oaidan couvgga
Govca mu beljiit, lihkà gulan sàniit

Duoivvu guoikànasat ràbket eatnama,
Roahkatvuoðas dola cuovga,
Ustitvuohta, ohccà eallima càzi
Nu allin gos biegga.



Who would come and go
Raise this emotion,
Fulfill this small wish
Earth smiles
So quietly, so warmly

Is it courage,
If I do it
Or, if I do nothing
Fire flushes my cheeks
I paint the sky red...

I remember whispers,
The colors are in my mind
I feel emotions, too
They are like father's
Where do they come from?
Where did they vanish?

What is on the fells,
What is in the sea?
I would like to know
I reminisce,
I stop to think,
I let the wind talk,
Talk about a different (kind of) world

Attach me to the sky, I see the light, however
Block my ears, yet I hear the words

Drops of hope awaken the earth,
In courage fire burns,
Friendship, searching the water of life
Man's wisdom
As high as the wind.



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