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Legend Materia are stones with additional passive abilities in Final Fantasy Record Keeper. They are an extension of the Record Materia system, and were introduced with the June 8, 2017 backend update.

How Legend Materia work[]

Unlike Record Materia earned by leveling or battle requirements, Legend Materia are acquired with complete mastery of Record Spheres, or grafted onto relics of rarity rank 5 or higher, and can only be used by the units to whom these relics belong. For relic-based Materia, as with Soul Breaks, mastery is automatic; the player only needs to have the relic in possession to use it. The unit’s two Legend Materia slots will unlock in either case.

List of Legend Materia[]

Legend Materia marked with an asterisk (*) are currently only available in the Japanese version of Final Fantasy Record Keeper.

Core Classes[]


Materia Effect Acquisition
FFRK Spellgird Icon.png
BLK resistance +10% Spellgird Legend Sphere
Reduce black magic damage taken a small amount.
Secret of the Archives
FFRK Secret of the Archives Icon.png
Stat buff duration +40% Secret of the Archives Legend Sphere
Increase the duration of stat buffs generated by the user and their related effects a moderate amount. Applies to most stat buffs and their effects.
Archival Secrets
FFRK Unknown Tyro LM Icon.png
CT0 (2 turns) FFRK Minstry of History's Hat.png
Keeper's Cap
Begin battle with no action delay for two turns.
Protecting the Phoenix*
FFRK Protecting the Phoenix Icon.png
PHY damage +10% with shield FFRK Erdrick's Shield DQ.png
Erdrick's Shield
Increase physical damage significantly when equipping a shield.
Heroic Aspiration
FFRK Longing for a Hero Icon.png
ATK/MAG/DEF/RES/MND +30% with book FFRK Book of Light.png
Book of Light
Gain a moderate amount of Attack, Magic, and Mind, and a small amount of Defense and Resistance when a book is equipped.
Wisdom's Pupil
File:FFRK Unknown Tyro LM Icon 2.png
FFRK Magic Armlet.png
Magic Armlet
Deal significantly more damage when attacking with an enemy's Slight Weakness or Vulnerable element.


Materia Effect Acquisition
To Be Human
FFRK A Girl Learning the Mind Icon.png
WHT healing +15% To Be Human Legend Sphere
Increase white magic healing a small amount.
Historic Brilliance
FFRK Gifts Nurtured in History Icon.png
35%: Dualcast White Magic abilities Historic Brilliance Legend Sphere
Moderate chance for white magic abilities to trigger twice.
Aspiring Artisan
FFRK Interest in Art Icon.png
25%: follow Bard abilities with h25 party heal (WHT) FFRK Elarra's Hat.png
Elarra's Hat
Small chance to restore a small amount of HP to all allies when using a bard ability.
Divine Miracle*
FFRK A Miracle to Save the Stars Icon.png
Under 20% HP: self Full Cure, Last Stand FFRK Priest's Apron DQ.png
Priest's Apron
When low on HP, restore HP and grant Last Stand to the user.

Dr. Mog[]

Materia Effect Acquisition
Hardened Resistance
FFRK Unknown Dr. Mog LM Icon.png
BLK resistance +10% Hardened Resistance Legend Sphere
Reduce black magic damage taken a small amount.
Master of Destruction
FFRK Black Magic Authority Icon.png
35%: dualcast Black Magic or Summoning abilities Master of Destruction Legend Sphere
Moderate chance for black magic and summon abilities to trigger twice.
Master of Renewal
FFRK Unknown Minwu LM Icon.png
25%: dualcast White Magic abilities FFRK Healing Staff.png
Healing Staff
Small chance for white magic abilities to trigger twice.
Overflowing Magic*
FFRK Overflowing Magic Power Icon.png
35%: Black Magic or Summoning abilities cause self cast speed x2 (1 turn) FFRK Metal Slime Head DQ.png
Metal Slime Head
Small chance to reduce action delay for one turn after using black magic or summon abilities.
Archives' Promise
FFRK Unknown Dr. Mog LM Icon 2.png
FFRK Staff of Light.png
Staff of Light
When low on HP, temporarily increase the user's elemental damage a moderate amount. Can only trigger once per battle.


Materia Effect Acquisition
Reckless Zeal
FFRK Unknown Biggs LM Icon.png
PHY damage +10% Reckless Zeal Legend Sphere
Increase physical damage a small amount.
Defiant Cry
FFRK Fired at the Last Minute Icon.png
Under 20% HP: self Last Stand, Nick of Time Mode (25s) Defiant Cry Legend Sphere
When low on HP, grant Last Stand to the user and enter Nick of Time Mode, temporarily raising their Attack a large amount and reducing delay of their actions. Can only trigger once per battle.
Nick of Time Mode: ATK +50%, cast speed x2
Hidden Valor
FFRK King's Qualifications Icon.png
Earth infusion (25s) FFRK Biggs Model.png
Biggs' Guise
Begin battle temporarily infused with the power of earth.
Fearsome Demon*
FFRK Unknown DQ LM Icon.png
PHY damage +25% with heavy armor FFRK Devil's Armor DQ.png
Devil's Armor
Increase physical damage when equipping heavy armor.


Materia Effect Acquisition
Animal Ally
FFRK Affection for Animals Icon.png
Wind damage +10% Animal Ally Legend Sphere
Increase wind damage a small amount.
Quick Study
FFRK Unknown Wedge LM Icon.png
35%: dualcast wind abilities Quick Study Legend Sphere
Moderate chance for offensive wind abilities to trigger twice.
Hidden Kindness
FFRK Hidden Kindness Icon.png
Wind infusion (25s) FFRK Wedge's Hat.png
Wedge's Hat
Begin battle temporarily infused with the power of wind.
Divine Squad*
FFRK Divine Squad Icon.png
100%: remove Blind/Silence after being afflicted FFRK Oracle's Robes DQ.png
Oracle's Robe
Remove debuffs from the user when they become Blinded or Silenced.

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Materia means "matter" or "substance" in Latin, Spanish, and Italian; it also means "subject" in Italian and Spanish, and is the ascendant of Portuguese "Matéria".