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Leeches are pustule-like amorphs that can be found not only on land, but also in nearly all of the waters of Vana'diel. Leeches hop around, unlike other amorphs, which mostly slide.

Leeches can be very dangerous foes: a leech can attack quickly and have been known to possess extremely high longevity, as well as the ability to double attack often. Many leeches seem to share a common item, Carbuncle's Ruby, suggesting the ruby may be made of blood. For those seeking to test their skills with the power of summoning Avatars, this ruby will be an early requirement. For this reason, leeches are hunted en masse, particularly on the Buburimu Peninsula.

Leeches mostly drop various types of blood, whether that of a fiend, beastman, or bird.

Special abilities[]

  • Absorbing Kiss: Absorbs random attribute. Only used by certain notorious monsters.
  • Acid Mist: AoE Water damage and Attack down.
  • Brain Drain: Single target damage and Intelligence down.
  • Drainkiss: Single target Drain.
  • Deep Kiss: Absorb a single Status Effect including Food. Not blocked by Utsusemi. Only used by certain notorious monsters.
  • MP Drainkiss: Single target MP Drain.
  • Random Kiss: Single target HP, MP, or TP drain. Only used by certain notorious monsters.
  • Regeneration: Regen effect.
  • Sand Breath: Breath Attack damage and Blind.
  • Suction: Single target damage and chance to Stun.
  • TP Drainkiss: Single target TP Drain.



Leeches are parasitic worms known for sucking their victim's blood.