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Leather Plate in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

The many layers of leather used in this battle clothing make it very sturdy.

Leather Plate (レザープレイト, Rezā Pureito?, lit. Leather Plate), also known as Leather Chest Plate, Leather Vest, and Leather Breastplate, is a recurring light armor in the series. It is a weak light armor, providing minimal defenses. It is part of leather equipment set.


Final Fantasy IX[]

Plate worn for combat.


Leather Plate is low-ranked light armor that provides 8 Defense, halves Ice-elemental damage, and teaches Chakra to Amarant. It can be bought for 530 gil at Lindblum (before going to Outer Continent), Treno (before going to Outer Continent), and Black Mage Village (before entering Shimmering Island), found in Lindblum (first visit - Church), and stolen from Black Waltz 2. It can be equipped by everyone except Steiner and Freya.

Final Fantasy XII[]

In the original version, Leather Breastplate is a low-ranked light armor that requires the Light Armor 2 license to equip, and provides 6 Evade and +30 HP. It can be bought for 300 gil at Rabanastre, Dalmasca Westersand, Barheim Passage, Nalbina Fortress, Bhujerba, and Dreadnought Leviathan, and is made in the bazaar set "Assorted Leathers". It is also stolen from Wildsnake (3% chance).

In the Zodiac versions, it can now be bought for 300 gil at Rabanastre, Nalbina Fortress, and Barheim Passage, and is still made in the bazaar in the "Assorted Leathers" set, stolen from Wildsnake (3% chance), and is found at Garamsythe Waterway (Eastern Waterway Control). It is also a Diamond Armlet treasure in Stage 3 of Trial Mode. It can be equipped by the Machinist, Monk, Archer, and Shikari.

Final Fantasy Tactics[]

Leather Plate is a low-ranked clothes, providing +18 HP. It can be bought for 500 gil at an Outfitter after Zeklaus Desert or found as rare treasure at Fovoham Windflats.

Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy[]

Leather Chest Plate is a level 1 chestplate that provides +342 HP, +19 Bravery, and -2 Defense. It can be obtained from the shop by trading 500 gil.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy[]

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Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

A breastplate made of tanned leather. Though it is flexible, its durability leaves something to be desired, like any other piece of leather equipment. However, since it protects the chest, a vital point of the body, it provides a sense of relief when worn. The leather plate is often used by travelers, as well as militia men in some small villages. There is even an industry to develop this piece of equipment, which makes it widely available.


Leather Plate is a Light Armor obtained by buying it for 240 gil at Town of Mitra and Royal Capital Grandshelt, by crafting it using 48 gil and x8 Thickened Hides, and by finding it at Royal Capital Grandshelt and during the exploration of Earth Shrine. It provides 12 DEF.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

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