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The Leather Glove is Tifa's initial weapon in Final Fantasy VII. It is a basic weapon with a single Materia slot, and minimal stats. Leather Glove, as with all of Tifa's gloves, cannot be thrown, but like most of her gloves, provides an increased critical hit rate.


Attack 13
Attack% 99
Magic 0
Materia slots Materia Slot Single x1
Bonuses Element: Hit

Critical% +2

As the Leather Glove has a base Attack stat bonus of 13, the base damage for physical attacks when the Leather Glove is equipped is in the following formula:

$ \text{Base Damage} = \text{(13 + Strength)} + \frac{\text{(13 + Strength)} + \text{Level}}{32} \times \frac{\text{(13 + Strength)} \times \text{Level}}{32} $

where "Level" is Tifa's current level and "Strength" is her Strength stat. The Leather Glove also has an Attack% (Accuracy) of 99%. It grants no bonus to Tifa's Magic stat. Leather Glove also provides Tifa an improved critical hit rate of +2%.


Leather Glove FF7

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The Leather Glove is initially equipped by Tifa, and should be replaced upon reaching Wall Market where the Metal Knuckle can be purchased as the Leather Glove has very low stats.

Leather Glove has a single Materia slot. Though Tifa is more built towards physical damage later on, her physical attacks in the early stages of the game are weaker than Cloud and Barret until she gets her second level 1 Limit. This means it is worthwhile equipping Leather Glove with an offensive Magic Materia, such as Fire, Ice, or Lightning to compensate.

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