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The League of S is an organization in World of Final Fantasy. They are a combination of the two powerful organizations: Shinra and SeeD. Their primary cause is giving aid to towns and its citizens who oppose joining the Bahamutian Federation.


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Knowing the Federation is likely to attack Cornelia again, Princess Sarah proposes they make contact with the anti-Federation organization known as the League of S. The twins offer to act as Princess Sarah’s emissaries and with her letter in hand, they depart for the northern country of Saronia, whose Thane is rumored to be in contact with the League. The Thane, however, turns out to be a fake and they end up saved by Sherlotta. Luckily, Sherlotta tells them that she has a friend who can get in touch with the League. Deciding to leave it to her, the twins continue on their journey.


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