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Le Guide Officiel Nintendo Mystic Quest Legend

The player's guide cover.

Le Guide Officiel Nintendo Mystic Quest Legend is a French guide book about Final Fantasy Mystic Quest published in Europe by Nintendo of Europe GmbH and Nintendo Co, Ltd. in 1993. The book contains European artwork found throughout the player's guide. The book is 73 pages long.



The story section serves has the prologue for the game.

Start of the JourneyEdit

This section explains the gameplay of the game, such as saving the game, interacting with Non-player characters, what the buttons on the controller do, battle screen explanation, treasure chests, Inns, shops, experience points, the main menu, and game over.

Valuable ObjectsEdit

This section contains the consumable and key items found in the game, and covers what they do and where to find them.

Powerful MagicEdit

A list of spells from the game, including on where to find them and what they do.

Powerful WeaponsEdit

A list of weapons from the game with its own little flavor text for each weapons. It also mentions where to find Benjamin's weapons.

Protective ArmorEdit

A list of armor from the game with its own little flavor text for each armor, it also mentions where to find Benjamin's armor.

Helpful AlliesEdit

This section contains a short biography of the playable characters in the game, including Benjamin himself. It also contains European artwork for all playable characters. At the very bottom can be found the Non-Player character's sprites, mentions Benjamin's allies such White, Mac, Spencer, Arion, Otto, and Norma. They also have a summary, but short compare to the main characters.

World MapEdit

A detailed map of the world that spreads across two pages, it includes a list of all areas listed by numbers on the side.

Dangerous EnemiesEdit

This section contains flavor text for the Vile Four and Dark King.

The JourneyEdit

A detailed walkthrough for the entire game, along the way it contains a checklist for items/weapons/armor found in each areas. Bosses have their HP, Strength, and Defense listed. It also shows a list of monsters that appears in the dungeons along with flavor text for the monsters.

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