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Lava Dome on the world map.

The Lava Dome (ようがんドーム, Yōgan Dōmu?) is a location from Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. It is located in the crater of the Volcano, and is where the Dualhead Hydra holds the Crystal of Fire. The Life spell can be found here as well.

Lava Dome is unique in design compared to other dungeons in the game in that it is circular - walking all the way left will cause players to circle to the right side of the area. Lava Dome's many ledges are connected by stairways, climbable walls and caves. The caves of Lava Dome are full of lava and monsters and require jumping over stones in the lava. The lair of the Dualhead Hydra is also closed by a door and players must hit the switching operating the door to open it before they can enter.


  • 39x Cure Potion
  • 27x Heal Potion
  • 6x Refreshers
  • 50x Explosives
  • Moon Helmet
  • Life spell
  • Sun Coin