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Latius Woods is a location in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius, and a forest located between the Earth Shrine and the Town of Mitra. It is situated near the northeastern coast of the Grandshelt Isles' main landmass, within the Kingdom of Grandshelt's territories.

It is the setting of the limited-time event Latius Woods - Past.


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On their way to Royal Capital Grandshelt, the knights Rain and Lasswell pass through the forest, when Lasswell notices Rain's distraction over their new ability, the power of visions, conferred by a mysterious girl at the Earth Shrine.

Lasswell then proceeds to explain what he learned about the power of visions from Rain's father, Sir Raegen. Rain then summons his first vision, so that it may aid them in battle. Soon enough, they make their way through the woods and enter Mitra.

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Latius Woods - Exploration[]

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