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Latisha is a non-playable character from Final Fantasy XIV.


To broaden her knowledge of the Warrior of Light restaurant business, Lyngsath Hyllbornsyn asks him to talk to Latisha to tell her about her responsibilities as a bookkeeper at Bismarck. Later Latisha tests the skills of the Warrior of Light and having passed the test, offers the Warrior of Light the honor of serving as the official chef of the Admiral in his next tasks.

News of the Warrior of Light's talents reaches the sultana of Ul'dah, Nanamo Ul Namo, who requests the Warrior of Light as the chef on his visit to Limsa Lominsa. Latisha suggests the Warrior of Light to seek advice from Ul'dahn visitors to the city and also advises talking to his former colleague, Rubh Epocan to identify the sultana's favorite dishes. Once the plates are prepared, Latisha accompanies the Warrior of Light at the time of serving them.




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