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Last Train is the ninth quest of Chapter 2, "Fateful Encounters", in Final Fantasy VII Remake. After escaping through the Sector 8 Business District, Cloud Strife leaps down onto the train, where he meets up with Avalanche.


Jessie shows Cloud the map of Midgar.

As Barret Wallace instructs, follow him down through carriages to the front of the train. A few boxes block the way forward, but there is a path around them to their right. Heading forward will lead to a crowded passenger train where Wedge and Biggs take point. Biggs will stop Cloud and ask to speak to him; interacting with him will lead to optional dialogue. At the end of this carriage, Jessie Rasberry asks for the same; once again, her dialogue is optional.

In the next carriage, a cutscene commences. After the cutscene, Jessie walks through to a terminal at the end of the train. Approach her for a cutscene. Following this, the chapter is concluded, and the next chapter begins in "Return to Base".