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Mobius wiki icon Last Hunter is an available Legend Job in Mobius Final Fantasy, exclusive to the player avatar, Wol.


Last Hunter is a Ranger-type job focused on quick attacks, speed breaking, and high damage output. Wol also takes on the appearance and personality traits of Noel Kreiss as he was introduced in Final Fantasy XIII-2 Its central elements are fire, water and dark.

The job begins with its first two skill panels complete, so it will be up to the player to fill in the remainder of the panels. Unlike many other jobs, however, its signature weapon is not obtained until panel 5 is filled. The weapon, the Flamebone dagger pair, is loosely based on Noel's sword and carries the Painful Break +50% auto-ability.

Its Ultimate is Meteor Javelin, an attack that impales a single target with multiple strikes from above before reducing the Break gauge greatly.

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