Series appearancesEdit

King's Knight -Wrath of the Dark Dragon-Edit

Lasswell appeared as an obtainable unit during the Here Comes Brave! collaboration event. In the King's Knight job system, Lasswell is a Warrior.

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Bravely Default: Fairy's EffectEdit

BDFE Exvius Collaboration

Nichol's outfit will be available for use during the Final Fantasy Brave Exvius collaboration.

Triple Triad Edit

Lasswell appears on Triple Triad cards in the version available via Final Fantasy Portal App.

Guest appearancesEdit

Brave Frontier Edit

Lasswell, alongside Rain and Fina, appears in a Brave Frontier collaboration event, as an unit available from October 25—November 8 2016, in the Japanese version.

In the Global version, his artwork and sprite has him wielding Arius' sword, instead of Purple Lightning.

Monster Hunter ExploreEdit

Lasswell's appearance is available to players in the Monster Hunter Explore collaboration event.

Imperial SagaEdit

Lasswell appears as an obtainable character in Imperial Saga collaboration event.

Star Ocean AnamnesisEdit

Say your prayers, now!
—Lasswell, upon entering Rush Mode.
SOA Lasswell in Canyon

Lasswell in the collaboration story.

Lasswell appeared as an obtainable character in the Star Ocean Anamnesis collaboration event. His role was Attacker. He was voiced by in Japanese by Kobayashi Yusuke, and in English by Jared Zeus. Lasswell was illustrated by Naora Yusuke.

His talents were Tranquil Spirit which granted ATK +30% to all allies & ATK +40% to all close-range weapon allies, Reliable Honors Student which granted Nullify Movement Speed Down Fields to all close-range weapon allies, Heir to the Blade which granted AP Consumption -40% when Skill Chain is 3+ to himself and Diligence which granted Movement speed +20% to himself.

His known skills were Exorcising Storm, Mirror of Equity, Mirror of Haze and Blade Flash and his rush combo was Azure Sky which granted Damage +30% to all allies for 20 seconds.

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