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Lara is a temporary party member in Final Fantasy Legend III. She is a young girl raised by Granny of Elan. She is brainwashed by Dogra, but Arthur eventually saves her.


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Lara was taken by Dogra to the Southeast Cave, and Granny came to rescue her. Arthur persuades Granny to let them take care of Dogra. Arthur eventually find Lara within the cave, but she's been brainwashed and engages the party in battle. Once she has been defeated, she returns to normal and joins the party.

After successfully freeing Lara from Dogra's clutches, Arthur tells Granny that he wants to take her to see the Elder in his era. Granny agrees to Arthur's request. Arthur brings Lara to the Elder in the Present World and asks him to take care of her, which he agrees to do. Lara thanks Arthur for helping her.

In the Future World, she and Myron are defending New Dharm from monsters.

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Party member[]

Lara is a Mutant whose innate element is Earth. She, like all temporary characters, cannot eat meat or install parts nor learn new spells. The equipment that is already equipped on her cannot be removed, but she can equip armor in areas she's missing.

Level HP MP Attack Defence Agility Magic Hit Evade M.Def. M.Evade Equipment Magic
10 200 250 15 23 27 30 84 7 12 11 FFLIII Hammer.gifBattle
FFLIII Armor.gifLeather
FFLIII Glove.gifGold
FFLIII Other2.gifPendant
FFLIII White Magic.gifShell
FFLIII White Magic.gifSpark
FFLIII White Magic.gifCure2
FFLIII Black Magic.gifFire1
FFLIII Black Magic.gifVenom
FFLIII Black Magic.gifIce 1


Lara is no really a threat against the party and has less HP than the previous boss WaterHag. She'll cast Fire1, Ice 1, and Lit 1 against the party. She's immune to Mute, Para, Sleep, and Change makes her strong against all elemental damage.

Other appearances[]

SaGa Compilation Trading Card Game[]

Lara makes an appearance as a card in the card game.



Larunda (also known as Larunde, Laranda, or Lara) was a naiad nymph, daughter of the river Almo in Ovid's Fasti. She was famous for both beauty and loquacity, incapable of keeping secrets, and so revealed to Jupiter's wife Juno his affair with Juturna. For betraying his trust, Jupiter cut out Lara's tongue and ordered Mercury, the psychopomp, to conduct her to Avernus, the gateway to the Underworld and realm of Pluto. Mercury fell in love with Larunda and made love to her on the way; this act has also been interpreted as a rape. Lara thereby became mother to two children, referred to as the Lares, invisible household gods. She had to stay in a hidden cottage in the woods so that Jupiter would not find her.

Lara can be a given name or a surname in several languages. In Ukrainian and Russian, the given name is a short form for Larissa. In Hindi, the given name is a short form for Laranya, which means graceful. In Turkish, it means water fairy.

Lara's Japanese name is Freyja. Freyja is a Norse goddess associated with love, beauty, fertility, gold, seiðr, war, and death.