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Long years of fighting in the arena have honed the skills of these swordsmen to perfection. They call their closely guarded techniques "Astutia".


The Lanista is a job in Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift exclusive to the seeq. Lanista specializes in various skills, such as support, absorption, and dealing heavy damage at their own expense, the last similar to a Dark Knight.


Lanista's Souleater is useful for depleting one's own HP to boost the power of Razzle-Dazzle. To make it work better, one may need to level up their seeq as a Berserker due to their excellent HP growth. Souleater and Sword of Darkness are preferable against the troublesome Sprites and Banshees.

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The LANISTA turn to these skills bought with blood and blade.

Skill Equipment Range AP MP
Souleater Xankbras Weapon Range 150
Sacrifice the user's HP to deal dark damage to the target.
Sword of Darkness Ancient Sword Weapon Range 350 12
Steal the target's life force. Restores HP to the unit.
Sword of Light Ogrenix Weapon Range 300 8
Steal the target's magickal energy. Restores MP to the unit.
Haunting Vision Dagriohm 4 300 8
Show the target a vision from their darkest dreams. Deals damage and BLINDS the target.
Block! Diamond Sword 4 250 8
Conjure a magickal shield around units in a small area. Raises DEFENSE.
Strike! Luabreaker 4 250 8
Temporarily grants extensive anatomical knowledge that can be used to carefully target attacks. Raises the CRITICAL HIT rate of units in a small area.
Charge! Hardedge 1 350 8
Magickally strengthen the unit for a single rush attack. Deals damage and knocks the target back. May also destroy the target's armor.
Razzle-Dazzle Vigilante All sides 450 24
Absorb the life force of surrounding units. Restores HP.


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Blink Counter Bone Armlets Counter attack and knock back the attacker after being the target of an offensive action. 250
Dragonheart Tournesol Gain RERAISE after taking damage. Only works once per battle. 500


Skill Equipment Effect AP
Monkey Grip Oblige Wield two-handed weapons with one hand. 250
Tank Platinum Armor Enables the user to equip helms and heavy armor, regardless of their current job. 200

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Lanista appears in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Earth-elemental Forward cards.


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The word lanista is a First Declension Latin noun, with a grammatical gender of masculine. The word means "one who manages and trains a team of Gladiators".

The Lanista's skillset, Astutia, means "the quality of being astute".