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Landis is a nation in Final Fantasy XIV located somewhere in Ilsabard. Landis cannot be visited in-game, but is mentioned throughout the Save the Queen storyline.


Basch and Noah Gabranth, Hyur from Landis.

Landis was formerly a republic, and was conquered by the Garlean Empire at an unknown point more than 30 years ago. During Garlemald's conquest they quashed the mage-knights of the city of Mannatheihwo and sent them fleeing for their lives, scattering across Landis in hiding.

Landis was the homeland of Basch van Gabranth and his son Noah van Gabranth. A knight of Landis, Basch bent the knee to the empire rather than face an honorable death. Lyon rem Helsos, an old friend of the Gabranths, is also from Landis. 30 years ago Basch found and enlisted the mage-knights of Mannatheihwo such as Sartauvoir Soranus for the empire's march on Dalmasca to counter Dalmasca's sorcerers.

In the decades since Garlemald conquered Landis, its cities such as the industrial Abdella have returned to a happy normalcy under imperial rule.


  • Arnsbeirgs
  • Mons Falconis
  • Abdella
  • Mannatheihwo


Landis is named after the Republic of Landis from Final Fantasy XII.