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Landcrawler is an enemy in Final Fantasy V found in the desert outside Phoenix Tower in the Merged World.



Landdrawler may use Crush to inflict critical damage and confuse a target. Its other dangerous move is Maelstrom, which reduces the party's HP to single digits; capturing the Landcrawler will enable the player to use this skill.


A popular and effective counter to the monster's high health and decimating abilities is the casting of Level 4 Graviga, quickly followed by Aqua Breath, which causes catastrophic damage to Desert-type enemies. Another way to end the fight quickly is to simply use the Black Magic, Death, as it is not immune to it. It is also susceptible to Level 3 Flare.

Because it is found in the desert outside of Phoenix Tower and drops Elixirs, Landcrawler can be used to farm Elixirs for the Elixir-thirsting enemy inside the Phoenix Tower, the Magic Pot.

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