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Trophy: Gateway to Adventure
Arrived in Grymoire. Bronze

Land of the Lilikin is the first chapter in World of Final Fantasy, primarily taking place in Wellspring Woods. It comprises the events after Lann and Reynn leave Nine Wood Hills and enter the world of Grymoire.

When playing the Maxima version of World of Final Fantasy on a New Game+ file, a "Nightmare" difficulty setting is unlocked at a certain point in the chapter and can be toggled at any point on the menu.

Entering Grymoire for the first time unlocks the bronze trophy, Gateway to Adventure.


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Reynn and Lann travel to Grymoire, where they have gained the ability to take on the miniature form known as "Lilikin." The two confront their first murkrift containing a powerful Mirage, but are woefully unprepared and sent back to Nine Wood Hills, thanks to Tama sacrificing one of her many lives. The two meet the merchant Chocolatte and go shopping, then meet another Mirage named Serafie, who agrees to aid them on their journey. They again run into Enna Kros, who bids them farewell, but not before telling them that she is "god" and that they must now begin their journey. The two again return to Grymoire, ready to begin their journey proper.

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The main quest in this chapter is making it out of Wellspring Woods. Reynn joins the player's party at the beginning and is also the second character to be controlled on the field. In addition to a Chocochick the player imprisms for their party in a tutorial battle (and any other Mirages they can imprism along the way), the twins are also given a prismarium of a Sylph by Serafie in the middle of the chapter. Other than the unwinnable battle within the murkrift, there or no other significant battles.

The chapter introduces more of the game's mechanics such as switching between Jiant and Lilikin forms, imprisming Mirages, stacking, Gimme Golems, Mirage Boards, Murkrifts, and the Prism Case. It also introduces the main inventory shop in the game, the Chocolatte Mart.

This chapter does not have any Miniventures.


Wellspring Woods, first visit[]

When arriving at Wellspring Woods
REYNN: There has to be a way out of the woods.

When encountering the Gimme Golem
TAMA: Try-the having the look at the Gimme Golem.

After examining the Gimme Golem
TAMA: Unlock "Stroll" on the chocochick's the-Mirage Board.

After unlocking Stroll on the chocochick's Mirage Board
REYNN: Let's hunt around a little with the chocochick.

After acquiring the lusterfeaf
TAMA: Now you can the-give the Gimme Golem what it wants.

After vanquishing the Gimme Golem
REYNN: What's waiting for us further ahead?

Nine Wood Hills[]

Sylver Park

After returning to Nine Wood Hills
TAMA: I think that stranger the-went to North Promenade.

North Promenade

After talking with Chocolatte
REYNN: We can return to Grymoire through the Main Gate in Sylver Park.

Wellspring Woods, second visit[]

When arriving at Wellspring Woods again
REYNN: I hope we're almost out of the woods.

Tip Jar tips[]

The following tips pop up on the Tip Jar during this chapter:

Wellspring Woods
Nine Wood Hills

Theater Mode cutscenes[]

  • This Must Be Grymoire
  • This Is the-Called a Chocochick
  • Stacking or Slacking?
  • Murkrift
  • Where Fierce Foes Prowl
  • Back from the Dead
  • You Can Call Me Chocolatte
  • Your Adorable Local Wind Pixie, AKA Serafie
  • Me? I'm God
  • A Beautiful World