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The Land Worm is a rare enemy in Final Fantasy X, fought inside Sin after the point of no return.



Land Worm's attacks are mainly physical. It will Headbutt one character for physical damage, and after suffering at least ten attacks will Swallow a random character, removing them from the battlefield. Shortly after, it will Regurgitate the character, causing heavy damage and Delay. Its signature attack is Earthquake, which inflicts heavy magic-based damage. Land Worm takes one round to prepare for Earthquake, allowing the party to buff or summon an aeon to negate the damage.

Land Worm will drop armor with HP +10% and Auto-Potion. It will also drop weapons with Slowtouch or Slowstrike and Strength/Defense +5%.

Land Worm is the only enemy, apart from the Monster Arena enemies, Dark Aeons, and Penance's arms, from which Dark Matter can be obtained, by way of a two million gil bribe. Land Worm is not required for the Arena due to it appearing only after the point of no return.

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