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Ramada, a notable Lancer from War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius.

The Lancer (槍術士, Soujutsushi?, lit. Spearman), sometimes abbreviated as LNC (, Yari?, lit. Spear), is a recurring job in the series. Unlike the recurring Dragoon job, Lancers use their spears to perform grounded melee attacks on enemies.

In the first localizations of Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy Tactics, Lancer was the name of the Dragoon (竜騎士, Ryūkishi?, lit. Dragon Knight) job. Unlike previous uses of the term "Lancer" as a localization for "Dragon Knight", here it is a literal translation of a different class—in this case, a practitioner of sōjutsu, the "art of the spear".


Final Fantasy XIV[]

The Lancer's job icon.

The Lancer (LNC) is a Discipline of War melee class, specializing in the use of polearms and javelins. Though they cannot use Jump, they retain the Lancet ability in the form of Life Charge and Chaos Thrust. The Lancer can be upgraded to the Dragoon job after completing the "Eye of the Dragon" quest at level 30.

A notable lancer in-game is Ywain Deepwell, the guild master of the Lancers' Guild in Gridania.

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius[]

The Lancer appears as the unique job of Aileen, Oelde Leonis, Ramada, Serjes, and Velne. The job gives a character access to the Lancer command set, which includes a variety of piercing-attribute melee attacks that place enfeeblements on enemies.

Characters with access to the Lancer as a secondary job include; Grace, Learte, Lorenzo, Murmur Tyrrell, and Xiza.

Final Fantasy Trading Card Game[]

Lancer appear in Final Fantasy Trading Card Game as Lightning-elemental Backup cards.



A lancer was a type of cavalryman who fought with a lance. Lances were used in mounted warfare by the Assyrians as early as 700 BC and subsequently by Greek, Persian, Gallic, Han-Chinese, nomadic and Roman horsemen. The weapon was widely used in Asia and Europe during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance by armoured cavalry, before being adopted by light cavalry, particularly in Eastern Europe. In a modern context, a lancer regiment usually denotes an armoured regiment.

In the Final Fantasy series, a lancer is usually synonymous with Dragoon.