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Strike with dragoon power to drain HP and MP.


Lance is a Dragoon command ability in Final Fantasy V. It drains HP and MP from one enemy. Despite being a Dragoon ability, it is a magic attack, and does not fit squarely with the Dragoon's kit.


Lance is not innate to Dragoon, and must be learned. It is learned at job level 2, for a total of 200 AP (150 AP from level 1). After this, the ability can be equipped by any job.


Lance has the same power is the same as Drain, but has half the power of Osmose. It cannot miss, but its effects are reversed if used on Undead targets.


Because Lance relies on the user's Magic stat, and Dragoons have poor Magic, it is a weak ability for Dragoons to use. It does not fit in with the rest of the Dragoon's kit, which is more geared towards physical damage than it is toward magic damage. However, for mages with a higher Magic stat, Lance can be somewhat useful. On a Dragoon, it can make them more self-sufficient, able to heal themselves a little without using items. Before Osmose is learned, Lance is useful for classes that frequently use MP, since it restores MP to the user for no cost while dealing magic HP damage, saving on Ether usage. However, once Osmose is learned, Lance becomes nearly irrelevant, and it is better to use a stronger ability against bosses or tough random encounters.

Lance is more turn-efficient than using Drain and Osmose together. The drawback is that Lance takes up a skill slot, while Drain and Osmose are part of Black Magic. As such, the player can normally ignore Lance entirely.