Lanbyrd is a character from Final Fantasy XIV. He is a minor character during the Physical ranged DPS questline in the Shadowbringers expansion.




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Lanbyrd was hired by Lue-Reeq in his searches for Cardinal Virtue Andreia, but dissatisfied with Lue-Reeq's behavior, he left the party shortly after.

Lanbyrd forms his own party and continue the searches. Seeking to recreate his old party, Andreia attacks Lanbyrd and turns him into a Sin Eater because he has the same characteristics as Ardbert (a Male Hume Warrior). Discovering Lanbyrd's fate, Lue-Reeq and the Warrior of Darkness confront and defeats Andreia's party and ensure their souls can rest.


Lanbyrd is fought as Immaculate Warrior, one of Andreia's Sin Eaters in a solo duty during Physical DPS role quest level 80 "Courage Born of Fear". During the fight, Immaculate Warrior focuses his attacks on Lue-Reeq casting cone-shaped AoEs.

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