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Lamiae are a race of Beastmen native to the Near East in Final Fantasy XI. Though they are serpentine in appearance, their upper bodies resemble those of Hume women. This contributes to the belief that they are an artificial species, created by unscrupulous alchemists through the combination of other organisms. Whatever their origin, the Lamiae are less numerous than other beastmen. They compensate for this disadvantage by enchanting the bones of fallen soldiers to build an army. Bow-wielding Lamiae are known to sneak into towns at night and hunt members of the Enlightened Races to replenish the ranks of this undead swarm.

Merrows are a close relation of the Lamiae, a type of amphibious chimera. Although they reside in the Cyan Deep, Merrows occasionally respond to the Lamiae's requests and venture to the scene of battle accompanied by hordes of undead raised from watery graves. Merrows can also use their enchanting voices to draw in even the most experienced sailors.

Regular Monsters[]

  • K22B6-LAMIA
  • K22H3-LAMIA
  • K22P2-LAMIA
  • Lamia Bellydancer
  • Lamia Bowyer
  • Lamia Chaukidar
  • Lamia Dancer
  • Lamia Dartist
  • Lamia Deathdancer
  • Lamia Fatedealer
  • Lamia Graverobber
  • Lamia Necromancer
  • Lamia Prosector
  • Lamia Sharper
  • Lamia Toxophilite
  • Lamie Bellydancer
  • Lamie Deathdancer
  • Lamie Necromancer
  • Lamie Toxophilite
  • Merrow Bladedancer
  • Merrow Chantress
  • Merrow Icedancer
  • Merrow Kabukidancer
  • Merrow Shadowdancer
  • Merrow Songstress
  • Merrow Typhoondancer
  • Merrow Wavedancer
  • Nix Bladedancer
  • Nix Songstress
  • Nix Typhoondancer
  • Nix Wavedancer

Notorious Monsters[]

  • Chigoe Breeder
  • Euryale
  • Experimental Lamia
  • K22B6-LAMIA
  • K22H3-LAMIA
  • K22P2-LAMIA
  • K23H1-LAMIA
  • Lamia Commandress
  • Lamia Deathdancer
  • Lamia Exon
  • Lamia Freebooter
  • Lamia Immolator
  • Lamia Jaeger
  • Lamia No.2
  • Lamia No.3
  • Lamia No.4
  • Lamia No.9
  • Lamia No.11
  • Lamia No.13
  • Lamia No.14
  • Lamia No.15
  • Lamia No.17
  • Lamia No.18
  • Lamia No.19
  • Lamia No.21
  • Lamia No.24
  • Lamia No.27
  • Lamia No.34
  • Lamie No.7
  • Lamie No.8
  • Lamie No.9
  • Lamia Palace Guard
  • Medusa
  • Merrow Cantatrice
  • Merrow No.5
  • Merrow No.11
  • Merrow No.12
  • Merrow No.16
  • Merrow Seafarer
  • Merrow Shiranuhi
  • Pandemonium Lamp (alternate form)
  • Pandemonium Warden (alternate form)

Special attacks[]

Lamiae come equipped with a job, and readily use the spells granted them (if any) in addition to their special attacks.

  • Arrow Deluge: Ranged area of effect damage. Only used when wielding a bow.

Belly Dance: Area of effect charm on foes; Lamia Notorious Monsters only.



In Greek mythology, Lamia was a beautiful Libyan queen who turned into a child-eating demon. She is often referred to as having the lower half of a snake and sometimes a large mouth (lamia in Greek means "large shark", while laimos means gullet).

Later characteristics attributed to her are similar to that of succubi, in that the lamia seduces men, enticing them to feed on their blood. It is said they reside in towers or secluded areas and have magical abilities.

Merrows are the Scottish and Irish Gaelic equivalent of the mermaid and mermen.

The German Nix and Nixe (and Nixie) are types of river merman and mermaid who may lure men to drown, like the Scandinavian type, akin to the Celtic Melusine and similar to the Greek Siren. Nixes in folklore became water sprites who try to lure people into the water. The males can assume many different shapes, including that of a human, fish, and snake. The females with the tail of a fish. When they are in human forms, they can be recognized by the wet hem of their clothes. The Nixes are portrayed as malicious in some stories but harmless and friendly in others.