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Rally-ho in Final Fantasy IX.

Lali-ho (ラリホー, Rarihō? or ラリホッ, Rariho—?), also known as Rally-ho, is the word of greeting used by dwarves in the Final Fantasy series. The word is often a password.


Final Fantasy[]

Lali-ho is introduced in the original Final Fantasy game, though it was alternatively localised as "Hurray!!" in the NES script, or "Rally-ho!" in the Final Fantasy Origins script. It is said by the dwarves of Mount Duergar as a greeting.

Final Fantasy III[]

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Final Fantasy IV[]

The dwarves in the Dwarven Castle say "Lali-ho!", while the ones in Tomra say "Hi-ho!".

It is referenced in the name of a pornographic dwarven magazine from the 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV. The magazine, called Lustful Lali-Ho, is needed to obtain the Reach Augment. It is found in the Dwarven Castle. The protagonist, Cecil Harvey, is quite fond of it.[citation needed]

Final Fantasy V[]

The dwarves in the Great Sea Trench say "Lali-ho!" as a greeting, and sometimes end their sentences with either "lali" or "ali".

Final Fantasy IX[]

The dwarves of Conde Petie say Rally-ho, and do not let those who refuse to utter it into their village. The moogles around, meanwhile, want to say "Rally-kupo".

Final Fantasy XIV[]

In Final Fantasy XIV, Lali-ho is an expression of greeting shared by most of the dwarves of Kholusia in the First, introduced in the expansion Shadowbringers. Lali-ho Lali-ho is available as an emote for players to use, obtained by completing the quest Learning to Lali-ho Learning to Lali-ho, in which the Warrior of Light helps the struggling Ronitt of Tomra to be more sociable and properly greet other villagers. The Lali Hop Lali Hop is a dance which can be purchased when one has Bloodsworn reputation with the dwarves.

The Dig Site Chief, from the village of Komra, uses amusing variations of Lali-ho depending on the situation, such as "Lali-that scared the shite out of me-ho!" or "Lali-I thought I'd never escape-ho!", throughout the YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse storyline.


Lali-ho may derive from the phrase "tally-ho". "Tally-ho" is a British phrase used in foxhunting and is shouted when a hunter spots a fox.

It may also be a reference to the call to action of Hanna Barbera's The Impossibles, Rally-ho. The phrase has been referenced in the sleep spell in Dragon Quest, only to be romanized as Lali-ho. From there, it entered other pop culture works, including Mannish Boy and his mind-controlling via dream Stand Death Thirteen's catchphrase in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, as well as the lyrics to the sleeping song in Seto no Hanayome.