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Rally-ho in Final Fantasy IX.

Lali-ho (ラリホー, Rarihō? or ラリホッ, Rariho—?), also known as Rally-ho, is the word of greeting used by dwarves in the Final Fantasy series. The word is often a password.

It is referenced in the name of a pornographic dwarven magazine from the 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV. The magazine, called Lustful Lali-Ho, is needed to obtain the Reach Augment. It is found in the Dwarven Castle. The protagonist, Cecil Harvey, is quite fond of it.

In Final Fantasy IX the dwarves of Conde Petie say Rally-ho, and do not let those who refuse to utter it into their village. The moogles around, meanwhile, want to say "Rally-kupo".


Lali-ho may derive from the phrase "tally-ho". "Tally-ho" is a British phrase used in foxhunting and is shouted when a hunter spots a fox.

It may also be a reference to the call to action of Hanna Barbera's The Impossibles, Rally-ho. The phrase has been referenced in the sleep spell in Dragon Quest, only to be romanized as Lali-ho. From there it entered other pop culture works, including Mannish Boy and his mind-controlling via dream Stand Death Thirteen's catchphrase in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, as well as the lyrics to the sleeping song in Seto no Hanayome.