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Lalatta is a non-playable character from original Final Fantasy XIV. She appeared during the leatherworker questline.


When the adventurer joins the Leatherworker's Guild, Lalatta is appointed as his mentor. When the adventurer arrives at Ebony Stall to meet Lalatta, he finds her surrounded by a crowd of agitated spearmen. Lalatta reports how the spearmen bought a batch of new leather armor, claiming that they didn't have time to wait for Lalatta's slow repairs. Discouraged, she finds comfort in the words of the merchant Theldry, who convinces her to make the repairs and hand them over to the Wood Wailers. The adventurer helps her with the repairs but finds out that she failed the repairs and damaged the armor. Due to a suggestion from Theldry, the adventurer uses the tattered remains of leather and creates an entirely new armor.[1]

While the adventurer took an Atelier order for Owl's Nest, he is suddenly ambushed when Lalatta appears and leaves the thug unconscious with a single blow. After delivering the order to Ser Yuhelmeric, the adventurer receives a call from Lalatta through the guild's linkpearl on a matter of life and death. She asked the adventurer to create the pair of Fen-Yll signature shoes and to take them to Clearwater Lake as soon as possible. Upon arriving at the site, the adventurer meets Lalatta and another leather craftsman surrounded by a band of robbers. The bandits have kidnapped them and are holding them hostage for a Fen-Yll merchandise. The group's leader, Vielle, doubts the authenticity of the pair of Fen-Yll shoes that the adventurer brought. Fortunately the Knights of Ishgard have been attacking in chocobos, driving out the bandits and saving the day.[2]

Later when visiting the Atelier Fen-Yll, the adventurer meets a series of newcomers and newcomers, all students from Lalatta. Lalatta arrives and orders everyone to repair the damaged items that were left in Lifemend Stump. One of the novices brings a mysterious item to fix and when Lalatta sees it, she orders everyone to move away. She says that this is part of one of the Garlean Empire's juggernauts, and that trying to work on it without understanding the technology would certainly end in disaster. She gives high ratings to everyone except the newcomer who brought this to the guild, claiming that her ignorance put everyone's life in Fen-Yll in danger. Through the echo, the adventurer then sees a scene from Lalatta's past in which she brought a similar contraption to Atelier Fen-Yll. Although her intentions were as harmless as those of her fellow novice, they did result in tragedy, however. Back in the present, remembered of her own act, Lalatta comes to forgive the pupil she scolded.[3]




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