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Lalafuto III is a historical character from Final Fantasy XIV. He was the sultan of Belah'dia during the latter half of the ninth century of the Sixth Astral Era.


Lalafuto III ruled as the sultan of Belah'dia during the second half of the ninth century of the Sixth Astral Age. He mysteriously disappeared in the year 871. After the search for him was abandoned two years later, his wife Memeto the Meek was crowned Sultan.[1] After Memeto took the throne, rumors arose that he was assassinated by Memeto and that he left behind a secret treasure.

However, his treasure was nothing more than a collection of love poems written to his lover, with whom he wished to escape.[2] His poetry implies that he abdicated the throne to be with the woman he loved, but does not deny the possibility that his wife murdered him for this betrayal.


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Behind the scenes[]

The beledain sultans added their own chambers to the original construction of The Sunken Temple of Qarn The Sunken Temple of Qarn, in an attempt to achieve immortality. This includes The Rosarium of Lalafuto III and The Oratory of Memeto the Meek.