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Lakeland is a region in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers. It is The First's geographical equivalent of Mor Dhona. Prior to the Flood of Light the area was ruled over by the Elves, and the remnants of its past prosperity can be seen dotting the landscape. Lakeland is now protected by the Crystarium, which sits a short distance from the lake that gives the region its name.

Profile[edit | edit source]

A verdant region centered around the Source, the great lake whence it derives its name. Rich in aether, this land has long been held sacred by the elves, its original inhabitants. Nowadays, it falls under the aegis of the Crystarium, mankind’s final bastion in the war against sin eaters.

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Story[edit | edit source]

Locations[edit | edit source]

Aetherytes[edit | edit source]

There are Aetherytes located in Fort Jobb and the Ostall Imperative.

Areas[edit | edit source]

  • Laxan Loft - An old castle located on an outcrop in the middle of Lakeland.
  • Sullen - A series of small islands that extend out into the Source.
  • The Chiliad - A range of jagged hills that surround the Crystarium.
  • The Exarch Gate - The crossroads outside the Crystarium's main entrance. Access to the rest of Lakeland is guarded by the outposts of Fort Jobb, the Ascensor Gate and the Bridges to the north, west and south respectively.
  • The Forest of the Lost Shepherd - The woods of central Lakeland.
  • The Source - The First's equivalent of Lake Silvertear, although the Source is far larger. On the far side of the Source lies The Grand Cosmos. Not to be confused with The Source, the original reflection of The Star.
  • The Thirstless Shore - The shores surrounding the Source.
  • Weathering - The northern reaches of Lakeland. Il Mheg can be accessed from here.

Settlements[edit | edit source]

Fort Jobb[edit | edit source]

The remains of a fortress in eastern Lakeland, once used by an order of knights in Lakeland's glory days. The Crystarium now uses it as an outpost. Beneath the fort lies a hall once used as a place of worship by the Church of the First Light.

The Ostall Imperative[edit | edit source]

An old fortress located in western Lakeland, now used by the Crystarium as an outpost. Named after the historical figure Ser Ostall, who is said to have led a heroic last stand against a horde of sin eaters while the citizens fled to safety.

Weather[edit | edit source]

Lakeland's climate may exhibit any of the following weather conditions:

  • FFXIV Weather Everlasting Light icon.png Everlasting Light (at all times prior to completing Holmister Switch, and between completing Mt. Gulg and the 5.0 main scenario)
  • FFXIV Weather Clear icon.png Clear Skies
  • FFXIV Weather Clouds icon.png Clouds
  • FFXIV Weather Fair icon.png Fair Skies
  • FFXIV Weather Fog icon.png Fog
  • FFXIV Weather Rain icon.png Rain

Places of Interest[edit | edit source]

Holminster Switch[edit | edit source]

A village located somewhere in the woods to the northeast of Lakeland.

Laxan Loft[edit | edit source]

The former seat of the Elven kingdom that once ruled Lakeland ("Laxan" is the original name of Lakeland in the Elven language). It was here that the Warriors of Light had their final confrontation with the Shadowkeeper and their Elven dissident allies, and to this day the spirits of Elven knights continue to roam the castle grounds.

Radisca's Round[edit | edit source]

A watchtower on the road between the Crystarium and the Ostall Imperative. Named after a soldier who gave his life to delay a swarm of sin eaters.

The Isle of Ken[edit | edit source]

A small island a short distance out into the lake. The "island" is in fact the dormant form of the Fae entity Bismarck, and is named for the man who once lived there and befriended him.

Activities[edit | edit source]

Duties[edit | edit source]

Holmister Switch.

Holminster Switch Holminster Switch
Level 71
Item level 370
Entrance found at coordinates (35, 6).

Holminster Switch─an idyllic settlement in the northern reaches of Lakeland; a tranquil village where folk spend their days raising livestock and tending crops; a ripe target for a Lightwarden and its swarm of voracious sin eaters.

Reports of bloody carnage have reached the Crystarium, and the guard has deployed in force in answer to Holminster's plea for aid. The Crystal Exarch has need of your strength, for this is no skirmish with a stray abomination─to triumph against a Warden would be to strike a telling blow in the unending war for the First's survival.

The Grand Cosmos.

The Grand Cosmos The Grand Cosmos
Level 80
Item level 430
Entrance found at coordinates (19, 34).

Long ago, on the far shore of the Source, a great palace was built by the elves─the Grand Cosmos, an edifice of such magnitude it was said to inspire envy in both the heavens for which it was named and the flowers that pervade its boundless gardens. As with so many wonders of the world that once was, its radiance quickly faded in the wake of the Flood, its halls falling silent, the throne sitting empty. That is, until the palace was given new purpose when a mage claimed it as their sanctuary, their only company being solace, solitude, and the legion of familiars barring entrance to any foolish enough to seek an audience.

FATEs[edit | edit source]

  • Looming Nightshade
  • Creeping Nightshade
  • Pick-up Sticks
  • Flowering Nightshade
  • Subtle Nightshade
  • Toxic Nightshade
  • Deadly Nightshade - Achievement FATE

Others[edit | edit source]

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Elite Marks[edit | edit source]

Mark Hunt Description
B Itzpapalotl.png
"The guard have their work cut out for them keeping the local fauna in check, but they manage well all things considered. However, there's one mark that continues to be a nuisance. The Ronka called it Itzpapalotl, a moth or some such that feasts on the blood of the living. You might scoff at the thought that a moth could be so dangerous, but know this: that moth once attacked a Crystarium outpost and claimed the lives of several good men and women. Do not underestimate the moth."
B La Velue.png
La Velue
“La Velue's a right bastard of a wolverine. Been reported attacking smallfolk and devouring livestock, and on the occasions some of the guard were able to respond, he made short work and a quick meal of them too. Understand he's not some rabid, uncontrollable beast, though. He's quick and cunning─able to size up an opponent and go to ground if he thinks he's overmatched. More than a few foolish Nutters made the mistake of pursuing him like any other common prey... and paid the ultimate price for it. One of them was the fiancée of a friend of mine. Vengeance was sworn, as you'd expect, but I'd rather have you spare him the trouble."
A Nariphon.png
“Ever heard the tale of Nariphon? No? It's quite well known. Depends on who you ask, perhaps, but I'd like to think so. It's a favorite of mine... I mean, it's a story about fair maidens growing on trees! As in you could walk right up to it and pluck 'em from the branches. Tell me that's not the stuff of dreams! On the other hand, every naturalist you ask will swear that it was nothing of the sort. That it was people spying upon a tribe of cannibals in the middle of their dinner who convinced themselves they couldn't possibly be seeing what they saw. Me, I prefer the tree explanation myself, but...”
A Nuckelavee.png
“The Kingdom of Rainbows is filled to the brim with fae folk who delight in tormenting us poor mortals, often in ways that result in our demise. Well enough, I suppose, so long as they stick to their territory, but lately there's been talk of some coming into Lakeland. Don't believe me? Then how else can you explain the otherworldly horse seen loitering by the shore, attempting to lure curious folk into the water? 'Tis none other than Nuckelavee. A Fuath wielding glamours, most like, though none can say for certain. What I can say for certain, though, is that if you killed the devil we'd all be better for it.”
S Tyger.png
“Sightings of this particular mark are first recorded in the days following the Flood of Light. When the doors of the tower that stands at the center of the Crystarium first opened, it is written that the Tyger came barreling forth like a shot from a cannon. But despite its grand entrance, it behaved little different than any other wild beast, devouring livestock and attacking hapless travelers. It rather likes meat, though it has a clear preference for poultry by all accounts. I can't say I entirely trust the accounts of its origin, but given its unusual appearance, I would be not at all surprised if it was indeed a creature come from another world.”

Creation and development[edit | edit source]

Musical Themes[edit | edit source]

"The Source" plays at all times in Lakeland while Everlasting Light is in effect. After the night sky is restored, "The Source" continues to play during daytime, while "Unchanging, Everchanging" plays at night.

"Rencounter" plays during all standard enemy encounters in Lakeland.

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Gallery[edit | edit source]

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