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This must be... Lake Bresha? I guess we fell from up there, and the lake turned to crystal? Help me out here! I mean, did the fal'Cie do this? How in the world did we end up here?


Lake Bresha is a lake on Cocoon's outer-rim, directly underneath the Hanging Edge, in Final Fantasy XIII. Ruins are scattered around the shore. Lake Bresha is crystallized when the fal'Cie, Anima crash-lands there after being defeated by Lightning and her companions.

Lake Bresha is an unrevisitable location that comprises the third chapter. The Crystarium system is unlocked at the start of the chapter, and the party's base paradigm roles become available, and enemies now give CP.


Lake Bresha is located near Cocoon's outer rim, directly beneath the Hanging Edge. Once a bustling center of activity, this desolate area is now home only to monsters that lurk amongst the centuries-old remnants of civilization.

The final wave of power released by the falling Pulse fal'Cie has locked the waters of the lake in solid crystal form, creating a beautiful and unsettling landscape.


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Final Fantasy XIII[]

The party departs Lake Bresha on an airship.

The party falls down to the crystallized Lake Bresha after the Pulse Vestige is destroyed by PSICOM and discovers they have become l'Cie. They try to discern their Focus but only remember a shared vision of Ragnarok attacking the Sanctum capital of Eden. After finding Serah's crystal stuck in a bigger crystal structure, Snow decides to stay behind and dig her free while Lightning leads the others to outdistance PSICOM. They come across the Palamecia deploying troops to find them and Purge survivors. They eventually arrive at ancient ruins at the lake's edge. The architecture of the Bresha Ruins is similar to the Hanging Edge, another ruined city abandoned in the aftermath of the War of Transgression. They fight a Garuda Interceptor and find an airship to make an escape before it is shot down and they crash in the Vile Peaks.

Snow's desperation summons the Shiva Sisters.

As Snow continues to try and free Serah, PSICOM finds Snow and outnumbers him. Overwhelmed, Snow unwittingly summons the Shiva Sisters to wipe the soldiers out, but is forced to face the Eidolons in a battle to prove his worth to them. He defeats them but is apprehended by an unknown group of soldiers, and meets another Pulse l'Cie named Oerba Yun Fang who takes him captive along with the crystallized Serah. He departs Lake Bresha on board a Cavalry airship, the Lindblum.

Final Fantasy XIII Gaiden Shōsetsu: Yumemiru Mayu, Akatsuki ni Otsu[]

PSICOM chases the l'Cie in their airship close to the fal'Cie Phoenix.

A young freight air pilot and associate of Sazh Katzroy named Cielo is flying towards Eden to deliver packages when he spots a speeding military aircraft that appears to leave from the remote area around Lake Bresha, and receives an order to make an emergency stop. He sees unmanned PSICOM attack ships in pursuit of the unknown airship. Cielo figures the airship is being piloted by a person as he watches it outmaneuver the PSICOM ships by guiding them into the molten plasma of the fal'Cie Phoenix. He watches the spectacle from the edge of his seat, admiring the skills of the mystery pilot and secretly cheers for those being chased by PSICOM. The airship is struck by approaching reinforcements and falls towards the Vile Peaks, prompting Cielo to pray for the safety of those on board.

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Item Location Item Location
Pearlwing Staff The Waters Stilled Chipped Fang x7 The Waters Stilled
200 gil The Waters Stilled Cie'th Tear x5 Amid Timebound Waves
Silver Bangle Amid Timebound Waves Phoenix Down Amid Timebound Waves
50 gil Amid Timebound Waves Strange Fluid x8 Amid Timebound Waves
Magician's Mark Amid Timebound Waves Strange Fluid x6 Encased in Crystal
240 gil Encased in Crystal Deneb Duellers Encased in Crystal
Enigmatic Fluid x6 Encased in Crystal Wicked Fang x7 Encased in Crystal
Librascope Encased in Crystal Digital Circuit x2 Encased in Crystal
Paraffin Oil x2 The Frozen Falls 50 gil The Frozen Falls
Insulated Cabling x3 The Frozen Falls 30 gil The Mirrored Morass
Begrimed Claw x6 The Mirrored Morass 600 gil Gates of Antiquity
Digital Circuit x2 Gates of Antiquity Begrimed Claw x7 Forgotten Commons
Spark Ring Forgotten Commons Potion x3 A City No Longer
Millerite A City No Longer Ferroelectric Film A City No Longer
Phoenix Down Echoes of the Past Librascope x2 Echoes of the Past


The Waters Stilled
Amid Timebound Waves
A Silent Maelstrom
Gates of Antiquity
Forgotten Commons
Echoes of the Past

Musical themes[]

For most of the area, the theme "Lake Bresha" is played. In the ruins found on the edge of the lake, the theme "Gapra Whitewood" plays.

This track is using all programmed sounds except the violin solo. By adding just one acoustic violin, it reduces the "wow factor" significantly. I really enjoy work like this. It was originally a 90 second piece, but just before the recording, I thought the loop was too fast for a field track, so I quickly wrote the development part.

Masashi Hamauzu on the theme "Lake Bresha".

"Lake Bresha" also plays in the dummied Seventh Ark location if it is hacked into.

Other appearances[]

Final Fantasy Airborne Brigade[]

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper[]

Lake Bresha 1[]

FFRK Lake Bresha 1 FFXIII.png

Lightning and her party have fallen to Lake Bresha, a body of water turned to crystal by the magic of the fal'Cie Anima. Now branded l'Cie, they flee from their PSICOM pursuers.

Lake Bresha 2[]

FFRK Lake Bresha 2 FFXIII.png

Unable to abandon Serah's crystal, Snow finds himself surrounded by PSICOM forces. As they close in, his l'Cie brand blazes with light...

Behind the scenes[]

Eden in Lake Bresha.

Uniquely in Cocoon, the entirety of Lake Bresha is a single map, making every previous area accessible until the chapter ends. The area in Final Fantasy XIII where Garuda is battled is only seen in a cutscene, but can be made playable via hacks.

Lake Bresha does not make an appearance in Final Fantasy XIII-2, but Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Omega reveals concept art for a scenario where the late capital of Cocoon, Eden, would have crashed into Lake Bresha after Cocoon was crystallized.