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An aspiring journalist and former Galbadian soldier who is traveling the world in search of a girl who was kidnapped by a sorceress. He may not think things through all the time, but there's something about his easy-going, genuine demeanor that draws people to him.


Laguna is a playable character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia who can be recruited during Chapter 5 of the main storyline.



Laguna wears a blue jacket with rolled sleeves over a white T-shirt with brown cargo-pants, black boots, fingerless gloves and a large black belt. He wears dog-tags and a silver earring.


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Lost Chapter: Inheriting the Past[]

Laguna hesitantly approaches Aerith as she prays to ask her a question. Because he knows that she can commune with the planet, Laguna asks if he might be an Ancient as well because of the "faeries" in his head. Cater, Yuri, and Hope join the conversation to ruminate on Laguna's question. When asked to describe the faeries, Laguna explains that he hears loud and clear interjections, but Aerith tells him that those voices are probably not the planet speaking to him, as she knows it. In her situation the voices in the planet are so numerous that she can't clearly understand what it says. Laguna further elaborates that when the voices are in his head, he becomes much stronger and more resilient in battle; Aerith confirms that this is also not something that happens to her. The group concludes that they are probably not experiencing the same phenomenon.

Aerith suggests that someone from his world might be interacting with his mind. Laguna realizes that he hasn't felt the "faeries" since he was called to the world of respite, and wonders if he is too far for that person to reach him. She reassures him and tells him to make sure he has plenty of stories to tell to the faeries.

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Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Machine Gun (VIII).png Machine Gun (VIII)
(4★) / 10CP
DFFOO Galbadian Machine Gun (VIII).png Galbadian Machine Gun (VIII)
(5★) / 15CP
Based on its updated design from Dissidia 012.
Laguna's signature weapon in the Dissidia games.
Original weapon.
DFFOO Hellblau Gun (VIII).png Hellblau Gun (VIII)
(5★) / 15CP
DFFOO Regulus (VIII).png Regulus (VIII)
(5★) / 35CP
Original weapon.
Stylized after Leviathan on her Dissidia NT design.
Original weapon.
DFFOO Leopard (VIII).png Leopard (VIII)
(5★) / EX (70CP)
DFFOO Leopard (VIII)+.png Leopard (VIII)+
(6★) / EX+ (100CP)
Original weapon.
Image Name Image Name
DFFOO Galbadian Uniform (VIII).png Galbadian Uniform (VIII)
(4★) / 20CP
DFFOO Laguna's Shirt (VIII).png Laguna's Shirt (VIII)
(5★) / 35CP
Original armor.
Based on the "Galbadian Soldier" costume from Dissidia 012.
Original armor.
Based on the "President" costume from Dissidia 012.
DFFOO Laguna's Jacket (VIII).png Laguna's Jacket (VIII)
(5★) / 90CP
DFFOO Laguna's Jacket (VIII)+.png Laguna's Jacket (VIII)+
(6★) / 130CP
Original armor.
Based on Laguna's default costume from Dissidia 012.


Move Type Image
BRV Attack BRV, Ranged 200px
Default 1-hit attack that lowers the enemy's BRV gauge.
HP Attack HP, Ranged 200px
Default 1-hit attack that lowers the enemy's HP gauge.
Grenade BRV, Ranged, Buff, Debuff DFFOO Grenade.png
1-HIT AoE BRV attack.

Inflicts Small Defense Down for 3 turns and Small Speed Down for 4 turns on all enemies. Grants Small Attack Up for 4 turns.

Shotgun BRV, Ranged, Debuff DFFOO Shotgun.png
1-HIT AoE BRV attack.

Inflicts Small Attack Down for 2 turns on all enemies. Grants Small Max BRV Up to all party members for 3 turns.

Shotgun+ BRV+HP, Ranged, Debuff
1-HIT stronger version of Shotgun which also inflicts a single target HP attack.

Requires Regulus's passive.

Debuff Damage Up Self, Buff DFFOO Debuff Damage Up.png
Slightly raises BRV damage dealt against enemies afflicted with personal debuffs for 2 turns.

No action delay. No turn count increase. Decreases Friend Support and Summon action count. No increase to Summon Gauge and EX Recast Gauge.

Ragnarok Buster EX Ability, BRV+HP, Ranged, Overflow, Buff DFFOO Ragnarok Buster.png
8-HIT BRV+HP attack.

BRV stolen can overflow up to 150% Max BRV. Grants Manly Charm for 8 turns. Manly Charm raises Max BRV and raises BRV damage dealt based on the number of debuffs on the target(s). Requires Leopard's passive. Condition: usable when EX gauge is filled.



  • Though not directly stated in Final Fantasy VIII, it is implied Seifer Almasy became enchanted with the story of Zefer and his sorceress and enthralled with the idea of becoming a sorceress' knight himself, calling it his "romantic dream". Laguna played the role of this fabled knight in a dream sequence. In Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia, Seifer meets Laguna and reveals he's a fan and that Laguna is the reason he uses a gunblade.