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Laguna is a temporarily playable character in Final Fantasy VIII, available during dream sequences. Battles fought as Laguna have unique battle music. The Machine Gun is Laguna's weapon of choice, but it cannot be upgraded. As with other characters, a Triple Triad card based on Laguna can be obtained.

As the dreams are based upon past events, the game's present and past timelines can affect one another in subtle ways, and the things the player does as Laguna can affect things for when playing as Squall.

Party memberEdit

Playable only in dream sequences, Laguna always takes over Squall's junctions, magic stock and level. Laguna's gil pool is independent from Squall's party's, but the only time the player can spend money as Laguna is at the shop in Winhill. The player does not accumulate steps when playing as Laguna, as thus they can't get SeeD salary in the dreams.

His intro pose is to aim his machine gun at his enemy before holding it upwards. His victory pose is to clench his fists, punch the air and raise his machine gun.

Limit BreakEdit

Final Fantasy VIII - Laguna - Desperado

Final Fantasy VIII - Laguna - Desperado


Desperado—Laguna's Limit Break—damages all enemies at once. He pulls out a hand-grenade, arms and tosses it into the middle of his opponents, then shoots a grappling hook above him and, as he swings from side to side on the grapple, fires rounds with his machine gun upon his enemies. Laguna jumps off the rope and lands with his back towards the foes as the grenade detonates, dealing damage to all enemies. It has a base attack power of 140.


LV HP Str Vit Mag Spr Spd Luck
1 184 2 1 2 1 22 14
10 577 9 8 8 7 24 15
20 1005 16 14 15 13 25 15
30 1425 22 19 21 18 27 16
40 1838 28 24 26 22 28 17
50 2242 33 28 31 26 30 18
60 2639 37 32 35 29 31 18
70 3028 41 35 39 32 33 19
80 3410 44 37 42 33 34 20
90 3783 46 39 44 35 36 20
100 4148 48 41 46 36 37 21

Triple TriadEdit


Laguna Card
TTLaguna Element None
Refine 1 refines into 100 Heroes
Drop N/A
Card N/A
Level 10 (Player Card) Win Ellone in the Lunar Base.
The CC Group in the Ragnarok on disc 4.


Laguna can be challenged for a game of Triple Triad in Esthar City Presidential Palace, or on-board the Ragnarok. He plays with Esthar's rules and has the rare Squall card.


Timber Maniacs magazinesEdit

The player can find out more about Laguna's exploits by collecting Timber Maniacs magazines and then checking Selphie's Sir Laguna's Page from the Balamb Garden Study Panel.

If the player reads the Timber Maniacs #1 from the Balamb Town hotel before the first Laguna dream, the scene in Julia's room will change and Laguna will fall asleep, because he's had too much wine. If the player reads the magazine from train station, or no magazine at all, he will only talk too much. Kiros's line about visiting the hotel pub will also be affected as he will give him grief about his lightweightedness beforehand. As a nod to this event, Selphie will note on her website that Laguna had written an article called "Alcohol and How it Affects You".

If the player reads Timber Maniacs #9 at the Artisan's house in Shumi Village before the Laguna dream in the Vienne Mountains, Ward will not appear alongside Laguna and Kiros. If the player doesn't read the magazine before the event, Ward will appear in the dream. Not having Ward makes the battle against the Ruby Dragon easier, as it won't use its Breath attack if there are only two active members in a party.

In the dream taking place in the Lunatic Pandora Laboratory the worker Moomba will either fall off the walkway or not (even if the Moomba falls it has a safety harness), but it is unknown what determines the outcome of this event.

Centra Excavation Site dreamEdit

Some of the actions played out in the dream taking place on the Centra Excavation Site have a direct consequence when Lunatic Pandora is invaded by Squall's party later. For example, opening up the floor compartment to halt the Esthar soldiers allows the player to find a draw point, and old keys open up new rooms to explore later on.

Optional Laguna scene in Shumi VillageEdit


The last event in Shumi Village yields no item rewards, but the player can witness an extra scene of the time Laguna spent in the village. The party must return to Shumi Village after they have the Ragnarok, after Laguna's statue has been completed, and enter the workshop and the scene will play automatically. If the player completed the Master Fisherman side quest earlier, he will also make an appearance. This flashback will only occur if the player completes the Shumi Village side quests before the Battle of the Gardens.

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