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Lae on the world map.

Lae (レイ, Rei?) is a location in Final Fantasy Legend III.


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A mysterious disease is widespread and slowly changing the people of Lae into WaterHags. The only thing of value in this town is the Flushex Unit that can be found in the back of the town, and can easily be missed.

In the Present World, Lae has already disappeared into the sea and has become Lae's Bay. The town is only available in the Past. While Arthur is talking to Cronos, something rises from the depths of the bay, revealing the Castle of Chaos above the waters.

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Name Cost
FFLIII Staff.gifFire 500 G
FFLIII Axe.gifBattle 500 G
FFLIII Other.gifRazor 700 G
FFLIII Skill.gifPunch 700 G


Name Cost
FFLIII Shield.gifBronze 700 G
FFLIII Armor.gifBronze 700 G
FFLIII Helmet.gifSilver 1100 G
FFLIII Armor.gifSilver 1300 G


Name Cost
FFLIII Curative.gifCure2 150 G
FFLIII Curative.gifRelax 200 G
FFLIII Curative.gifAwake 200 G
FFLIII Curative.gifCalm 200 G
FFLIII Capsule.gifDefense 1500 G
FFLIII Capsule.gifSpeed 1500 G


Name Cost
FFLIII White Magic.gifAero 700 G
FFLIII White Magic.gifSpark 700 G
FFLIII Black Magic.gifFire1 700 G
FFLIII Black Magic.gifVenom 700 G


  • FFLIII Unit.gifFlushex