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Deep beneath the scholars' city shines a false sun within a fabricated sky. In any age exist those who consider the floor an extension of their bookshelves, and this vault's architects surely belonged to that special breed. If the stack grows too high, start a new one. If no room remains, then make more rooms. A simple solution at first. And then, bit by bit...a profound transformation. Knowledge buried beneath knowledge—a growing, creeping labyrinth from which there is no escape.

Labyrinthos is a location in Final Fantasy XIV: Endwalker. An underground cavern originally repurposed by the Sharlayans to serve as a storage facility. Over time, its purpose and facilities grew to accomodate not just books and scrolls, but live specimens and Forum-based experiments and research. It thus became known as "the Living Library", and the main repository through which Sharlayans conducted their research.


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While investigating what knowledge the Sharlayans may have on the Final Days, Alisaie Leveilleur notices that the gleaners (those who procure the items that are transported to Labyrinthos) are much more active than usual, working in groups to transport vast quantities of items rather than by themselves as they usually do. As such, the group of Scions of the Seventh Dawn remaining in Sharlayan descend into Labyrinthos to determine the reason behind this increased activity and if it relates to the Forum's plans.

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There are three aetherytes located in Labyrinthos:

  • The Archeion
  • Sharlayan Hamlet
  • Aporia


  • The Outer Circuit
  • Mornveil Forest
  • The Medial Circuit
  • The Central Circuit
    • Thaumazein


Sharlayan Hamlet[]

Places of interest[]

The Archeion[]


Kokkol's Forge[]




The Aitiascope.

The Aitiascope The Aitiascope
Level 89
Item Level 520
Thaumazein (x16 y28)

Deep in the heart of Labyrinthos lies its secret among secrets─the device through which the Sharlayans have peered into the aetherial sea to learn Hydaelyn's secrets. With their bargain with the Forum fulfilled, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn are poised to journey to the Aitiascope and beyond to beg Her aid, but no depths are without their darkness...
The Mothercrystal.

The Mothercrystal The Mothercrystal
Level 89
The Mothercrystal from Thaumzein during her children one and all

Goddess of Light. Will of the star. Hydaelyn. From the far reaches of the aetherial sea has She ever called to you...and at last you meet face-to-face. Though the Scions would traverse the great expanse in search of Meteion to forestall the Final Days, you must first rise to meet Her challenge and prove yourselves equal to the task.


Musical themes[]

The day theme for this zone is "The Labyrinth", while the night theme is "Dreams of Man".

"Down the Up Staircase", reused from the Antitower dungeon, plays in Labyrinthos' settlements.