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Items[edit | edit source]

Accessory Rarity Effect Obtain
PFF Potion Icon.png
PFF Hi-Potion Icon.png
PFF X-Potion Icon.png
PFF Remedy Icon.png
PFF Elixir Icon.png
Sight Stone
PFF Sightstone Icon.png
Teleport Stone
PFF Teleport Stone Icon.png
Phoenix Down
PFF Phoenix Down Icon.png

Special Equipment[edit | edit source]

Accessory Rarity Effect Obtain
Labyrinth Armor
PFF Labyrinth Armor.png
Labyrinth Bracelet
PFF Labyrinth Bracelet.png
Labyrinth Circlet
PFF Labyrinth Circlet.png
Labyrinth Boots
PFF Labyrinth Boots.png
Labyrinth Amulet
PFF Labyrinth Amulet.png
Labyrinth Shield
PFF Labyrinth Shield.png
Labyrinth Mantle
PFF Labyrinth Mantle.png

Gysahl Greens[edit | edit source]

Accessory Rarity Effect Obtain
Brown Gyshal Greens
PFF Brown Gysahl Greens Icon.png
Red Gyshal Greens
PFF Red Gysahl Greens Icon.png
Black Gyshal Greens
PFF Black Gysahl Greens Icon.png
Green Gyshal Greens
PFF Green Gysahl Greens Icon.png
Blue Gyshal Greens
PFF Blue Gysahl Greens Icon.png
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