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La Theine Plateau.

La Theine Plateau is a location in Final Fantasy XI.



Cermet Headstone[]

The Cermet Headstone found in La Theine Plateau.

Position: (G-11)

Stone Monument[]

The stone monument in La Theine Plateau.

Position: (J-7)

Located at the end of a crevasse only accessible through Ordelle's Caves, this monument was placed by Gwynham Ironheart, the famous explorer. It reads:

This plateau is a land of many features, but by far the most memorable is the Crag of Holla.
I call it a structure, for I have no other word. It is surely not a rock born of nature, nor does it seem to be a hall built by the gods, as the priestly scholars say.
Yet there are no seams in its bone-white surface, and it is faintly warm to the touch. But through a fortunate accident, I have found proof of its artificial origins.
I shall head north to the land of Valdeaunia to verify my findings. I fear this may be the longest, most perilous journey of my life.
I leave my daughter Enid to find her own path. May the gods watch over her in my stead.

Gwynham Ironheart, 764 Crystal Era

Connected Areas[]

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(F-7), (H-7), (H-10), Hall of Transference
(K-8) and Abyssea - La Theine
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Notorious Monsters[]



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