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Causes Holy damage to enemies whose LEVELs are multiples of 4.


LV4 Holy is a Blue Magic spell in Final Fantasy IX, available to Quina. It deals magical Holy damage to enemies whose levels are a multiple of 4. It costs 22 MP to cast. It cannot be reflected and works with Return Magic. Ozma and Amdusias can use it if there is a party member susceptible to it.


Quina learns LV4 Holy by eating a Feather Circle, Torama, or Amdusias. The earliest Quina can learn it is from the Feather Circles in the Fossil Roo.


LV4 Holy targets enemies whose levels are multiples of 4; against all other enemies, it will miss.

Where Rnd means a random number and MOD means modulus operation. "Rnd MOD x" can be read as a random number between 0 and x-1.

Bonus is halved by target's Shell or Quina being under Mini. Bonus is boosted by 50% if Quina equips a Mage's Hat, Light Robe, Jade Armlet, or Rebirth Ring; equipping multiples does not stack the effect.


LV4 Holy is the player's first possible access to Holy magic before Eiko learns the superior Madeen and Holy later on. Dagger's Scan can be used to check enemies' levels to see if they are susceptible. LV4 Holy can do good damage, especially if the player equips Quina with a Jade Armlet or one of the other Holy-boosting equipment pieces. Veteran in Ipsen's Castle is on a vulnerable level and is also weak to the Holy element. LV4 Holy works against many endgame bosses, but by that time, Frog Drop likely does superior damage for less MP if the player has been doing the frog catching sidequest.

Enemies susceptible to LV4 Holy:

Enemy Lv Location
Serpion SerpionFFIX.png 8 Lachenta Wetlands, King Ed Plains, Togull Beach, Edgecry Coast
Skeleton SkeletonFFIX.png 8 Gizamaluke's Grotto, Vube Desert
Seeker Bat SeekerBat-FFIX.jpg 12 Fossil Roo, Pinnacle Rocks
Zaghnol ZaghnolFFIX.png 16 Donna Plains, Pinnacle Rocks
Griffin Griffin-FFIX.PNG 16 Fossil Roo, Donna Plains, Treno
Myconid Myconid.png 20 Dead Forest, Iifa Tree
Zemzelett Zemzelett.jpg 20 Dead Forest
Ochu OchuFFIX.png 16 Conde Petie Mountain Path
Troll Troll-FFIX.jpg 20 Conde Petie Mountain Path, Lucid Plains, Pualei Plains
Dracozombie Dracozombie-FFIX.PNG 24 Iifa Tree, Mist Continent, Forgotten Continent, Outer Continent, Lost Continent
Whale Zombie WhaleZombie-ffix.png 32 Beaches on Outer Continent, Forgotten Continent, Lost Continent, Mist Continent
Grand Dragon Grand Dragon-FFIX.PNG 60 Popos Heights, Cazedil Plains, Sacrobless Island, Lanar Island
Catoblepas Catoblepas-FFIX.PNG 32 Treno, Seaways Canyon, Blairsurpass Plains
Epitaph EpitaphFFIX.png 32 Oeilvert[note 1]
Valia Pira Valia Pira-FFIX.PNG 36 Desert Palace
Grenade GrenadeFFIX.png 36 Mount Gulug
Wraith (blue) Wraith-ffix-blue.png 36 Mount Gulug
Red Dragon RedDragon-FFIX.jpg 36 Mount Gulug
Gimme Cat GimmeCat-FFIX.jpg 36 Outside Daguerreo, Palmnell Island, Lanar Island
Cerberus Cerberus-FFIX.PNG 44 Ipsen's Castle
Gargoyle GargoyleFFIX.png 44 Ipsen's Castle
Veteran Veteran from FFIX.png 44 Ipsen's Castle, Memoria
Mover Mover-ffix.png 52 Terra; Pandemonium
Kuja Kuja-ffix-boss.png 64 Pandemonium
Mistodon MistodonFFIX.jpg 56 Overworld in the endgame
Yan Yan-ffix.png 72 Vile Island
Quale Quale-ffix-battle.png 76 Qu's Marsh
Iron Man IronMan-ffix.png 68 Memoria
Maliris Maliris-ffix-battle.png 72 (boss)/69 (crystal) Memoria, Crystal World
Tiamat Tiamat-ffix.png 72 (boss) Memoria
Kraken Kraken-ffix-battle.png 72 (boss & crystal) Memoria
Hades FFIX-Hades.png 92 Memoria
Lich (Crystal) CrystalWorldLich.png 68 Crystal World
Trance Kuja TranceKuja-ffix.png 76 Crystal World
  1. Oeilvert has anti-magic field disabling Blu Mag.