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Causes Holy damage to enemies whose LEVELs are multiples of 4.


Quina using LV4 Holy.

LV4 Holy (レベル4ホーリー, Reberu 4 Hōrī?, lit. Level 4 Holy) is a Blue Magic spell in Final Fantasy IX, available to Quina after s/he eats a Feather Circle, Torama, or Amdusias. It deals Holy damage to enemies whose level is a multiple of 4. It costs 22 MP to cast. It cannot be reflected and works with Return Magic. Ozma can also use it if there is a party member susceptible to it.

List of susceptible enemies[]

Enemies susceptible to LV4 Holy.

Enemy Lv Location
Serpion SerpionFFIX.png 8 Lachenta Wetlands, King Ed Plains, Togull Beach, Edgecry Coast
Skeleton SkeletonFFIX.png 8 Gizamaluke's Grotto, Vube Desert
Seeker Bat SeekerBat-FFIX.jpg 12 Fossil Roo, Pinnacle Rocks
Zaghnol ZaghnolFFIX.png 16 Donna Plains, Pinnacle Rocks
Griffin Griffin-FFIX.PNG 16 Fossil Roo, Donna Plains, Treno
Myconid Myconid.png 20 Dead Forest, Iifa Tree
Zemzelett Zemzelett.jpg 20 Dead Forest
Ochu OchuFFIX.png 16 Conde Petie Mountain Path
Troll Troll-FFIX.jpg 20 Conde Petie Mountain Path, Lucid Plains, Pualei Plains
Dracozombie Dracozombie-FFIX.PNG 24 Iifa Tree, Mist Continent, Forgotten Continent, Outer Continent, Lost Continent
Whale Zombie WhaleZombie-ffix.png 32 Beaches on Outer Continent, Forgotten Continent, Lost Continent, Mist Continent
Grand Dragon Grand Dragon-FFIX.PNG 60 Popos Heights, Cazedil Plains, Sacrobless Island, Lanar Island
Catoblepas Catoblepas-FFIX.PNG 32 Treno, Seaways Canyon, Blairsurpass Plains
Epitaph EpitaphFFIX.png 32 Oeilvert
Valia Pira Valia Pira-FFIX.PNG 36 Desert Palace
Grenade GrenadeFFIX.png 36 Mount Gulug
Wraith (blue) Wraith-ffix-blue.png 36 Mount Gulug
Red Dragon RedDragon-FFIX.jpg 36 Mount Gulg
Gimme Cat GimmeCat-FFIX.jpg 36 Outside Daguerreo, Palmnell Island, Lanar Island
Cerberus Cerberus-FFIX.PNG 44 Ipsen's Castle
Gargoyle GargoyleFFIX.png 44 Ipsen's Castle
Veteran Veteran-FFIX.jpg 44 Ipsen's Castle, Memoria
Mover Mover-ffix.png 52 Terra; Pandemonium
Kuja Kuja-ffix-boss.png 64 Pandemonium
Mistodon MistodonFFIX.jpg 56 Overworld in the endgame
Yan Yan-ffix.png 72 Vile Island
Quale Quale-ffix-battle.png 76 Qu's Marsh
Iron Man IronMan-ffix.png 68 Memoria
Maliris Maliris-ffix-battle.png 72 (boss)/69 (crystal) Memoria, Crystal World
Tiamat Tiamat-ffix.png 72 (boss) Memoria
Kraken Kraken-ffix-battle.png 72 (boss & crystal) Memoria
Hades FFIX-Hades.png 92 Memoria
Lich (Crystal) CrystalWorldLich.png 68 Crystal World
Trance Kuja TranceKuja-ffix.png 76 Crystal World