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LV3 Def-Less in Final Fantasy IX.

Lowers magic res. and weapon def. in units with levels divisible by 3.

LV3 Def-Less is a recurring Blue Magic spell that targets the enemy's level, reducing their defenses if applicable.


Final Fantasy IX[]

Reduces Defense of enemies whose LEVELs are multiples of 3.


Lvl 3 Def-less is a Blue Magic ability for Quina Quen, learned by eating a Carve Spider, Lamia, Lizard Man, Sand Scorpion, Ochu, or Grand Dragon. It costs 12 MP to cast and reduces the targets' Defense and Magic Defense by a random amount if their level is a multiple of three. It can reduce their defenses all the way to zero, but the effect is random.

List of susceptible enemies[]

Enemies susceptible to Lvl 3 Def-Less in the order they appear in the game.

Enemy Lv Location
Carve Spider Carve Spider-FFIX.PNG 3 Nolrich Heights, Lindblum Plateau, Bentini Heights
Axe Beak Axe Beak-FFIX.JPG 6 Alexandria Plateau, Daines-horse Basin, Lindblum Plateau
Ladybug LadyBug-FFIX.jpg 6 Alexandria Plateau, Daines-horse Basin, Lindblum Plateau
Mandragora Mandragora-FFIX.jpg 9 Alexandria Plateau, Bentini Coast, Edgecry Coast, forest on King Ed Plains near Chocobo Forest
Axolotl AxolotlFFIX.png 6 Qu's Marsh in the Lachenta Wetlands
Gigan Toad GiganToadFFIX.png 6[note 1] Qu's Marsh
Sahagin Sahagin-FFIX.jpg 18 Qu's Marsh (Outer Continent)
Grand Dragon Grand Dragon-FFIX.PNG 60 Popos Heights, Cazedil Plains, Sacrobless Island, Lanar Island
Nymph NymphFFIX.png 9 Grassy areas North and West of the Vube Desert
Yeti YetiFFIX.png 9 Daines-horse Basin
Basilisk Basilisk-FFIX.JPG 6 Burmecia
Carrion Worm Carrion Worm-FFIX.PNG 9 Cleyra's Trunk
Seeker Bat SeekerBat-FFIX.jpg 12 Pinnacle Rocks, Fossil Roo
Abomination Abomination-ffix.png 15 Fossil Roo
Goblin Mage GoblinMageFFIX.png 15 Donna Plains, Lucid Plains, Pualei Plains
Gnoll Gnoll-FFIX.PNG 18 Conde Petie Mountain Path
Stroper Stroper-FFIX.jpg 21 Iifa Tree
Dracozombie Dracozombie-FFIX.PNG 24 Iifa Tree, Mist Continent, Forgotten Continent, Outer Continent, Lost Continent
Armstrong Armstrong-ffix.png 33 Blairsurpass Plains, Seaways Canyon
Jabberwock Jabberwock-FFIX.jpg 30 Blairsurpass Plains
Drakan Drakan-FFIX.PNG 30 Desert Palace
Grimlock Grimlock-FFIX.jpg 30 Desert Palace
Torama Torama-FFIX.jpg 30 Desert Palace
Valia Pira Valia Pira-FFIX.PNG 30 Desert Palace
Grenade GrenadeFFIX.png 36 Mount Gulg
Wraith (Blue) Wraith-ffix-blue.png 36 Mount Gulg
Red Dragon RedDragon-FFIX.jpg 36 Mount Gulg
Meltigemini Meltigemini.gif 42 Mount Gulg
Amdusias Amdusias-ffix.png 42 Treno weapon shop, Pandemonium
Gimme Cat GimmeCat-FFIX.jpg 36 Outside Daguerreo, Palmnell Island, Lanar Island
Yan Yan-ffix.png 72 Vile Island
Earth Guardian EarthGuardian.png 54 Earth Shrine
Hecteyes FFIX-Hecteyes.jpg 51 Terra; various locations post-Terra
Ring Leader RingLeader-FFIX.jpg 51 Terra
Abadon FF9-Abadon.PNG 54 Pandemonium[note 2]
Malboro Malboro-ffix.png 57 Pandemonium, Mist Continent overworld (endgame)
Ozma Ozma.PNG 99 Chocobo's Air Garden
Ash Ash-ffix.png 66 Memoria
Maliris Maliris-ffix-battle.png 72 (boss)/69 (crystal) Memoria, Crystal World
Tiamat Tiamat-ffix.png 72 (boss) Memoria
Kraken Kraken-ffix-battle.png 72 (boss & crystal) Memoria, Crystal World
Necron Necron-ffix.png 69 Hill of Despair
  1. There are two versions of the Gigan Toad, but the LV3 Def-less only works on the LV6 version.
  2. Only the Abadon fought in the "You're Not Alone" sequence is susceptible to LV3 Def-less

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance[]

LV 3 Def-Less decreases Defense if an enemy's level is a multiple of 3 with 100% accuracy, and can be learned from either the Ant Lion or Jawbreaker enemies. It costs 12 MP to cast and targets anyone within 3 squares from the caster.