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LD Abilities (abbreviated from Limited Ability) are a category of skills in Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. They occupy the tier of abilities between standard EX Abilities and their evolved EX+ variants.


As their group name implies, LD abilities are limited in the number of times they can be invoked, from as few as 2 uses to as many as 4 uses per complete quest, unaffected by any modifiers that allow for uncounted turns. As such, these abilities are immensely powerful; and yet each hit against an enemy wave cannot break the expressed damage cap of 99999. However, the abilities themselves can provide other beneficial effects, such as permanently boosting the user's innate command set or granting a unique status buff at the start of a quest or when first activated.

LD abilities are granted through character-specific LD weapons that are drawn from an active event gacha. As with other ability types, LD weapons need to be equipped on the target character before they become usable. As with the earlier EX Abilities, LD Abilities can be enhanced and mastered through the Limit Break and Training Board enhancement processes, in turn unlocking additional powers and one extra use when the linked passive skill is successfully extracted. There is no CP cost to equip most LD passives when mastered.

For characters with Burst Mode accessible, LD Abilities can become part of their combo attacks and will have their one use available. If the LD Ability creates an opportunity for uncounted turns, those turns not counted can be used as the affected commands allow.

List of LD abilities[]

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