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Causes [Death] on levels in multiples of 5


L5 Death is an enemy skill in Final Fantasy VII that instantly kills targets whose levels are multiples of 5. The player can learn it on the Enemy Skill Materia. The skill does not work on bosses and is only learned very late into the game, making it not very useful in practice.



If obtaining all enemy skills the earliest they are available, L5 Death is the fourth last Enemy Skill the player learns, obtained from the Parasite in the Northern Cave, who only uses it when manipulated. To prevent the skill from killing the player's party, they can ensure the members are not on levels that are multiples of 5, or use Death Force, Safety Bit or Added Effect paired with Odin or Destruct in the party's armor. The spell is learned as long as it hits a character with the Enemy Skill Materia, no matter if it succeeds.


Command Materia Enemy Skill Materia
Effect Instant Death if target's level is a multiple of 5 on target party.
MP cost 22
Reflect No


The skull.

The spell graphic is a red semi-transparent skull (similar to the effect used when bosses are defeated) that opens its jaw.

Because the party can only learn L5 Death in the final dungeon, all but one of the viable targets for it are located in previous areas that are still visitable, or the Battle Square. As such, most of the vulnerable enemies are very weak and able to be killed with just about any attack instantly, making L5 Death not useful in practice and more something to learn for completion's sake. Only the King Behemoth further into the final dungeon could be a viable target for L5 Death, though there are many other strategies the player could also follow.

The other level-based ability on the Enemy Skill Materia, L4 Suicide, has many more applicable uses than the L5 Death. If the player did want to use Instant Death, L5 Death could be substituted with the Death spell from the Destruct Materia, or Odin, which don't have level restrictions.

List of susceptible enemies[]

Enemy Lv Location
8 eye 8eye-ffvii.png 30 Battle Square
Acrophies Acrophies FF7.png 35 Corel Valley Cave and Battle Square
Adamantaimai Adamantaimai FF7.png 30 Wutai Area and Battle Square
Bandersnatch Bandersnatch.png 30 Icicle Area and Great Glacier
Black Bat Black Bat FF7.png 25 Mansion
Cactuer Cactuer FF7.png 40 North Corel Area and Cactus Island
Capparwire Capparwire FF7.png 15 Junon Area
Castanets Castanets FF7.png 15 Mythril Mine
Crawler Crawler FF7.png 15 Mythril Mine
Crown Lance Crown Lance FF7.png 20 Cosmo Area, Nibel Area and Rocket Launch Pad Area
Custom Sweeper Custom Sweeper FF7.png 15 Midgar Area
Death Machine Death Machine FF7.png 35 Junon
Desert Sahagin Desert Sahagin FF7.png 20 Cosmo Area
Doorbull Doorbull FF7.png 35 Battle Square
Dragon Rider Dragon Rider FF7.png 35 Battle Square
Dual Horn Dual Horn FF7.png 30 Woodlands Area, Cactus Island, Goblin Island and Battle Square
Gigas Gigas FF7.png 40 Battle Square
Goblin Goblin FF7.png 40 Goblin Island
Headbomber Headbomber FF7.png 35 Battle Square
Head Hunter Head Hunter FF7.png 30 Mideel Area
Ice Golem Ice Golem FF7.png 40 Great Glacier and Battle Square
Ironite Ironite FF7.png 30 Battle Square
Jersey Jersey FF7.png 25 Mansion
Kalm Fang Kalmfang.png 10 Midgar Area
Kelzmelzer Kelzmelzer FF7.png 30 Woodlands Area and Battle Square
King Behemoth King Behemoth FF7.png 60 Northern Cave
Magnade Magnade FF7.png 35 Great Glacier and Battle Square
Mandragora Mandragora FF7.png 10 Grasslands Area
Rilfsak Rilfsak FF7.png 40 Ancient Forest
Skeeskee Skeeskee FF7.png 20 Cosmo Area
Stilva Stilva FF7.png 40 Battle Square
Tonadu Tonadu-FF7.png 30 Woodlands Area; Icicle Area; Battle Square
Twin Brain Twin Brain FF7.png 25 Mt. Nibel
Zolokalter Zolokalter FF7.png 30 Battle Square