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Causes [Critical/Small] with levels in multiples of 4


L4 Suicide is an Enemy Skill in Final Fantasy VII that cripples targets whose levels are multiples of 4, which includes various strong enemies. The skill does not work on bosses.


Mu FF7.png

If obtaining all enemy skills the earliest they are available, L4 Suicide is the second Enemy Skill the player learns, obtained from the Mu in the Grasslands Area, who uses it rarely; it is best to idle in the battle until it will use it. L4 Suicide is also used by the Trickplay later on in the Icicle Area.


Command Materia Enemy Skill Materia
Effect On all members of the target party with a level divisible by 4, takes away 31/32 current HP and inflicts Small status.
MP cost 10
Reflect Yes


L4 Suicide never misses on a target whose level is a multiple of 4, taking away 31/32 of the targets' HP and inflicting the Small status for the MP cost of 10. The spell is useful in defeating certain tough enemies quickly, for morphing (an ability that does little damage but transforms the enemy into an item) and for learning Chocobuckle, another Enemy Skill. To learn Chocobuckle, the player can use L4 Suicide on the Lv.16 Chocobo in the Grasslands Area, or the Lv.36 Chocobo in the Mideel Area, after feeding it a Sylkis or Mimett Green.

After obtaining the Morph Materia from the Temple of the Ancients, the player can use it to morph the Beachplugs in the Corel Area beaches into the valuable Turbo Ethers, a process made fast by using the L4 Suicide on them first. Later on, the Ghost Ship has the unique Guide Book item for the Kalm traveler, easiest morphed from it after using L4 Suicide.

For min-maxing, the player can morph certain enemies into stat growth items. The Bagnadrana in the Mt. Corel reactor area morphs into Guard Sources and is susceptible to L4 Suicide. The enemies in Gelnika optional dungeon all morph into stat boost items, and Unknown 3 and Serpent are also susceptible to L4 Suicide, yielding Magic Sources and Mind Sources respectively when morphed; as their HP is so high, the player can use L4 Suicide twice.

Other good uses are against hard/annoying enemies. Cactuar is an enemy that avoids most attacks, but L4 Suicide never misses as long as the enemy's level is a multiple of 4. The similar Cactuer enemy, meanwhile, morphs into the useful Tetra Elemental accessory, made easier with the L4 Suicide. Desert Sahagin has a bug in its AI script that makes it never come out of defense mode once initiated, taking measly 1 HP damage from physical attacks, making L4 Suicide a good opening move against it. The Ying/Yang enemy is susceptible, but the Yang-half is dangerous for its suicide attack, and the party's attacks are thus best queued right after it acts. The Kyuvildunses appear in large groups and may overwhelm an unprepared party with their continual physical attacks; opening with L4 Suicide lets the player cripple the group of them at once. The skill also works on the powerful Dragon enemy nearby. The Malboro may inflict the entire party with myriad status ailments, but can be dealt with quickly with L4 Suicide (although Malboro is also more likely to use Bad Breath in lower health).

List of susceptible enemies[]

Enemies susceptible to L4 Suicide in the order they appear in the game.

Enemy Lv Location
Mu Mu FF7.png 12 Grasslands Area near the Chocobo Farm
Madouge Madouge FF7.png 16 Mythril Mine
Nerosuferoth Nerosuferoth FF7.png 16 Junon Area grassland
Formula Formula FF7.png 16 Forests in Junon Area
Marine Marine FF7.png 16 Cargo Ship
Grangalan Grangalan FF7.png 16 Corel Area grassland
Beachplug Beachplug FF7.png 16 Corel Area beach
Search Crown Search Crown FF7.png 16 Mt. Corel
Bagnadrana Bagnadrana FF7.png 16 Mt. Corel
Cactuar Cactuar FF7.png 20 Corel Desert
Skeeskee Skeeskee FF7.png 20 Cosmo Area
Golem Golem FF7.png 24 Cosmo Area
Desert Sahagin Desert Sahagin FF7.png 20 Cosmo Area
Crown Lance Crown Lance FF7.png 20 Cosmo Area, Nibel Area and Rocket Launch Pad Area
Valron Valron FF7.png 24 Nibel Area and Rocket Launch Pad Area
Mirage[note 1] Mirage FF7.png 24 Mansion
Ying/Yang YingYang-ffvii.png 24 Mansion
Kyuvilduns Kyuvilduns FF7.png 24 Mt. Nibel mountain path
Dragon DragonFFVII.png 32 Inside Mt. Nibel
Battery Cap Battery Cap FF7.png 24 Nibel Area forest
Thunderbird Thunderbird-FF7.png 28 Wutai Area dirt
Bizarre Bug BizarreBug-ffvii-flying.png 28 Wutai Area dirt and the Da-chao Statue
Tail Vault Tail-Vault-FF7.png 28 Wutai Area dirt and grass
Jayjujayme Jayjujayme FF7.png 28 Da-chao Statue
Shake Skeeskee FF7.png 32 Wutai Village pagoda
Staniv Screamer FF7.png 36 Wutai Village pagoda
Jemnezmy Jemmezmy FF7.png 24 Temple of the Ancients
Malldancer Malldancer FF7.png 32 Corel Valley
Trickplay Trickplay-FF7.png 24 Icicle Area grass
Jumping Jumping FF7.png 24 Icicle Area snow
Shred[note 2] Shred FF7.png 32 Great Glacier
Frozen Nail Frozen Nail FF7.png 28 Great Glacier
Ice Golem Ice Golem FF7.png 40 Great Glacier
Snow Snow FF7.png 32 Great Glacier
Malboro Malboro (Final Fantasy VII).png 44 Gaea's Cliff outside and Graveyard in Northern Cave
Stilva Stilva FF7.png 40 Gaea's Cliff caverns
Evilhead Evilhead FF7.png 28 Gaea's Cliff caverns
Gigas Gigas FF7.png 40 Whirlwind Maze slopes
Grenade[note 3] Grenade FF7.png 32 Whirlwind Maze slopes
Gremlin Gremlin FF7.png 36 Inside Whirlwind Maze
Sculpture Sculpture FF7.png 32 Inside Whirlwind Maze
Wind Wing Wind Wing FF7.png 36 When hit by the wind inside Whirlwind Maze
Cactuer Cactuer FF7.png 40 Cactus Island
Goblin Goblin FF7.png 40 Goblin Island and Round Island
Rilfsak Rilfsak FF7.png 40 Ancient Forest
Epiolnis Epiolnis FF7.png 36 Ancient Forest
Submarine Crew Submarine Crew FF7.png 32 Junon
Quick Machine Gun Quick-Machine-Gun-FF7.png 20 Junon
Rocket Launcher[note 4] Rocket Launcher FF7.png 20 Junon
Ghost Ship Ghost ShipFF7.png 44 Junon Underwater Reactor
Corvette Corvette FF7.png 36 Junon Underwater Reactor
Hard Attacker Hard-Attacker-FF7.png 32 Junon Underwater Reactor
Guardian Guardian-FF7.png 40 Junon Underwater Reactor
Unknown 3 Unknown 3 FF7.png 52 Gelnika
Serpent Serpent FF7.png 40 Gelnika
Crazy Saw Crazy Saw FF7.png 44 Sector 8
SOLDIER:1st SOLDIER 1ST FF7.png 44 Sector 8
King Behemoth King Behemoth FF7.png 60 Northern Cave
Allemagne Allemagne FF7.png 48 Northern Cave
Death Dealer Death Dealer FF7.png 48 Northern Cave
Chocobo[note 5] FFVII Chocobo in Battle.png 16 & 36 Grasslands Area (with two Levrikons or Elfadunks) and Mideel (with Spiral)
Mystery Ninja[note 6] Mystery Ninja FF7.png 32 Junon Area, Gongaga Area, Nibel Area, Rocket Launch Pad Area, Woodlands Area, Mideel Area, Goblin Island, Round Island
  1. It is not advisable to use L4 Suicide on this enemy due to its native Reflect status
  2. If hit by L4 Suicide, Shred will heal itself with Cure3
  3. Not advised to use L4 Suicide without making the Grenade fall asleep first or it will counter with Bomb Blast
  4. Only in Junon
  5. Chocobos' level varies depending on area and battle formation
  6. Mystery Ninja's level varies depending on Cloud's level