You know how l'Cie enter into crystal stasis once they complete their Focus, right? Apparently, there's a guy who collects shards of those crystals.

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l'Cie Stones (輝石, Kiseki?, lit. Pyroxene) are shards of l'Cie in crystal stasis in Final Fantasy Type-0. Such shards are found all around Orience. Many view it an honor to be able to hold one. Contained within these crystals are the final thoughts of the crystallized l'Cie. If the Class Zero cadets deliver the gems to Atra in Iscah, he will interpret these last words in exchange of the crystal. Afterward, the l'Cie's final thoughts are added to the Rubicus in the Historical Personae section.

l'Cie Stones are often rewarded for doing sidequests in towns once they have been liberated. Some are also found lying around in various locations. Once a l'Cie Stone has been collected, it does not appear again on consecutive playthroughs. Instead, it will be replaced by a Megalixir.

List of Stones[edit | edit source]

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Icon Item Description Acquirement
Mizu'a's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of McTighe.
Last Words: Vermilion Bird l'Cie Mizu'a Twenty revolutions I spend at Akademeia, wand'ring those halls in search of my life's meaning. 'Twas only in the year 270, when a consortium arose to govern magical affairs, that mine aimless ambling ceas'd, and awoke did I to the Focus granted to me of the Crystal. And now, having awoken to my purpose, I might finally return to sleep.
Reward: Complete the sidequest in McTighe to gather all the townspeople for the mayor's speech.
Kayahara's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of Corsi.
Last Words: Vermilion Bird l'Cie Kayahara Fifteen years hath pass'd since I broke free of my mortal shackles. Fifteen years hath pass'd since I ceded my soul to the Will of the Crystal. Fifteen years hath pass'd since I first began serving as guardian of the Crystal's chosen people. After fifteen years, her people hath now built a country to defend her--and, at last, my Focus hath been fulfilled.
Treasure: Found on the ground in Corsi.
Yu'u's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of Aqvi.
Last Words: Vermilion Bird l'Cie Yu'u In this year of 252, I, defender of the Vermilion Bird Crystal, have planted a seed of information in the hope it might henceforth grow into a beautiful, blossoming tree of knowledge. The wisdom I have imparted unto thee hath already prevailed o'er the great nation to the east. Having fulfilled my Focus, I now leave this mortal plane with a smile of satisfaction on my face, but I beseech thee, followers of the Crystal: let not thy magic wither away to naught.
Reward: Complete the sidequest in Aqvi to deliver the Letter to Nazuna.
Lazuline's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of Keziah.
Last Words: Azure Dragon l'Cie Lazuline Nearly one score ago, into the Kingdom of Concordia I was born--or, so told I am. Not long have I lived, yet already faded my memories have. Not even my Focus can with clarity I remember... With Lord Caelan's aid, into Naraku a dreadful something I did seal. The Crystal's Will I followed, and my purpose have I fulfilled.
Reward: Complete the sidequest in Keziah to deliver mail to ten houses.
Yuka's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of Mi-Go.
Last Words: Vermilion Bird l'Cie Yuka Twas the year 316. Not yet understanding my Focus, I simply acted as the Crystal bade me and my journey'd to the kingdom of the Azure Dragon--and a full year later, I have at last attained total clarity. I must surreptitiously use my power to cast the Concordian court into chaos. Such is the Will of the Crystal. and so shall I serve.
Reward: Complete a sidequest in Mi-Go to get the circus performer women attracted to the men who want style tips from Class Zero.
Shamhat's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of Iscah.
Last Words: Black Tortoise l'Cie Shamhat In days of old, our temples were tainted by false gods who besmirched the name of the Black Tortoise. Even at the young age of sixteen, I was furious with the idolatrous king, enraged by his callous ignorance of the people's torment and despair. I gouged my own eyes as penance for our hegemon's heresy, but it did not suffice. Thus, I donned the mantle of l'Cie and began training four valorous warriors who might avenge all those who suffered under the king's wicked yoke. My Focus now fulfilled, I entrust the fate of our nation and our Crystal to these brave youths...
Reward: Complete a sidequest in Iscah in Chapter 7 to help Mayor Aoba retrieve the stolen city treasure.
Maona's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of Rokol.
Last Words: Vermilion Bird l'Cie Maona Within all mortals exists an extraordinary latent power, flowing forth from one's consciousness and manifesting itself as a great beast. At the tender age of eighteen, my spirit on the verge of drifting from its human vessel, I too witness'd that nigh divine power take physical form. Only in death can one bring life to these awesome creatures. Thus, unto my people, I offer a warning: call upon the power of these beasts only shouldst thou be prepared to surrender thy life.
Reward: Complete a sidequest in Rokol to listen to rumors.
Kanna's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of Toguagh.
Last Words: Vermilion Bird l'Cie Kanna The esteemed Lady Maona bequeath'd unto we Rubrumites the ability to tap deep into our consciousnesses and call upon the incredible, otherworldly power within ourselves. 'Twas only once I, too, chose to serve the Crystal that I learn'd of an even greater energy hidden in the furthest depths of the abyss of nonexistence. In turn, I enlightened my people, awakening them to the potential they possess and fulfilling my Focus.
Reward: Complete a sidequest in Toguagh to help a man paint the obelisk.
Suzusu's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of Meroë.
Last Words: Vermilion Bird l'Cie Suzusu Countless l'Cie are born of the Crystal, yet only a select few manage to complete their Foci, let alone discern the nature of the mission given them. I ought thus consider myself one of the fortunate, as mine assignment is clear: I must halt the movement of all those villains who oppress our nation. Now after eight years of waiting, I may finally join Crystal.
Treasure: Meroë - Found on the ground in the eastern part of the city.
Ehm's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of Cetme.
Last Words: White Tiger l'Cie Ehm In the year 313, when I was only a mere 23 years of age, I acquired sublime strength as a l'Cie, power enough to obliterate all life from the face of Orience. Along with that power, however, the Crystal also charged me with great responsibility. The demigods of Lorica sought to extinguish the White Tiger's light, and it was thus my duty to defend our beacon of hope from all those who might do her harm. Now, at long last, my mission is complete.
Treasure: Cetme
Augusta's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of Roshana.
Last Words: Blue Dragon l'Cie Augusta I have served the Blue Dragon Crystal ever since I came into this world in 208. Unto me, the Crystal granted the ability to communicate with other life-forms—as well as the ability to control them. In turn, this power I transmitted unto the people of Dracobaltia, fulfilling my Focus. Soon, in all things, the Will of the Blue Dragon Crystal shall reign supreme.
Reward: Complete a sidequest in Roshana after finishing Subaru's task.
Caelan's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of Rama.
Last Words: Azure Dragon l'Cie Caelan Threescore since the gift of life I received, choose me as its agent did the Crystal. Those of the wicked false beacon born, seal them away we must. Allow others to follow the same path we must not! With that purpose in mind, the earth I dredged and the cursemire did I create. Their heretical ways, never the world shall know...
Treasure: Rama - Found on the ground in an area accessible after giving the right password 5 times in a row.
Jögge's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of Bazz.
Last Words: White Tiger l'Cie Jögge How many years have passed since I renounced my humanity, I cannot say. It feels as though I have spent an eternity in service of the Crystal. For as long as I can remember, I have known but my Focus and the divine Will of the White Tiger: destroy the vermilion scourge that would do harm unto our fair federation. My mission complete, I may now finally enter an eternal slumber. It is my sole wish that my homeland will enjoy peace even after I close my eyes.
Treasure: Bazz - Found on the ground in the northwestern alley.
Anatidus's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of Shakara.
Last Words: Azure Dragon l'Cie Anatidus To protect the Crystal are nations born. To transmit the Crystal's Will do leaders serve. And yet, to the throne, a heathen did ascend. From the guiding light, his gaze he averted. Before to ruin our country did fall farewell to my wife I bade, and unto the Crystal my life I devoted. From the infidel, retake the throne i must...
Reward: Complete a sidequest in Shakara.
Daphnia's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of Rilochy.
Last Words: Azure Dragon l'Cie Daphnia Half a century as a mortal did I live, yet of that time many images have faded—save my granddaughter's face. For her sake, become a l'Cie I did. Into a war-torn world she was born, and overcome with pity was my heart. Thus, the Crystal's call I heeded and my humanity did I renounce. No matter the cost, the white and vermilion flames of futile conflict I must quench. That my granddaughter may enjoy a peaceful life, I pray.
Reward: Complete a sidequest in Rilochy by donating total of 1000 gil.
Albus's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in Amiter.
Last Words: Azure Dragon l'Cie Albus On the morn of my fifteenth birthday, to the Azure Dragon Crystal, my loyalty I pledged. In exchange, the ability to commune with winged warriors of the winds, unto me the Crystal granted, and with the people of Concordia that power I shared. So the Crystal commanded, and so I obeyed.
Reward: After finishing the task in Amiter talk to a Tonberry in the city on a foggy day.
Alöe's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the town of Azurr.
Last Words: White Tiger l'Cie Alöe I recall very little of my youth... I suppose I may have lived twenty or so years, but the number of years we spend here are not important. All that truly matters is how we spend the time allotted to us—and, in an effort to imbue my existence with a purpose, I chose to devote my life to the White Tiger. After countless painful hours of research and experimentation, I have succeeded in harnessing the Crystal's energy with a metallic instrument some have dubbed "magitek." May the fruits of my labor ensure the prosperity of my people for eons to come!
Treasure: Azurr - Give the Dominion Citizen the MPV-B2 Trunk Key from completing the Task A Watchdog's Wish.
Erragal's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in Ultima Ground Zero.
Last Words: Black Tortoise l'Cie Erragal From the moment of my birth, a world of war was the only one I knew. Even as a little girl, I knew that my country was in grave peril—which is why, when the Crystal called out to me, I knew I must follow its Will. In order to quell the unrest, we needed to shed blood. The Crystal bade me follow, so indeed I did.
Treasure: Ultima Ground Zero - Found on the ground in the second to last room.
Kaimanu's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in Mount Jubanla.
Last Words: Black Tortoise l'Cie Kaimanu The last memories that remain of my mortal life are ones of death and destruction. The vermilion mages summoned great beasts of war, creatures with power unparalleled to wreak havoc and bring calamity upon our nation. It was in the year 348 that I forsook my human existence in order to serve my liege and my land as a l'Cie. Within three years' time, I had crafted and perfected a suit of armor to protect my king against Rubrum's malevolent monsters, and it is my utmost wish that it may continue to shield him and his successors from harm long after I am gone.
Treasure: Mount Jubanla - Found on the ground in the northwestern room.
Urshanabi's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in Bethnel Caverns.
Last Words: Black Tortoise l'Cie Urshanabi In the days when I still lived among humans, they called me "Namshub" because of how my blade would gleam as it tore through the flesh of my enemies. How many I slayed before I received my Focus from Crystal, however, I cannot recall... At age 19, as a means of atoning for my transgressions, I took to constructing a shrine to house the sacred light of the Black Tortoise. We cannot erase the sins of our past. We can only pray the beacons of hope will guide future generations along the path of righteousness.
Treasure: Bethnel Caverns - Bed of the Behemoths
Satori's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired at the Silent Key.
Last Words: Vermilion Bird l'Cie Satori How many moons have I spent wand'ring this world? How many voices hath called out to me, defender of the Vermilion Bird? I know not. And although I am capable of completing the task given me of the Crystal, I shan't succumb to temptation. I must exercise patience, for were i to repair this device, 'twould prove of little use in this age. Nay, I must wait some centuries more that i might be able to share my knowledge with one who might be able to harness this device's power.
Treasure: Silent Key - Setzer Flightdeck
Yugino's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired at Akademeia.
Last Words: Vermilion Bird l'Cie Yugino My wounds cry out for treatment. Shrieks of pain echo throughout every inch of my flesh...but I harbor no doubt I have served my Crystal well. The precise number of l'Cie I have slain escapes me, but such figures are of little importance. All that matters is that now, in the fortuitous year of 666, I have fulfilled my Focus.
Treasure: Akademeia - Randomly dropped by the Rubrum Cactuar at the Airship Landing, Back Garden, Chocobo Ranch, or Terrace in Chapter 3.
Siduri's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in Berith Desert.
Last Words: Black Tortoise l'Cie Siduri In my former life, I was known as the Warrior Resplendent, but I have since taken up the aegis of the Black Tortoise. Yes, I suppose it was five years ago that the Crystal first requested my aid in defending our nation against the murderous mechanized armies of the west. Imbued with a tremendous power, I took to the battlefield, slaughtering all those who dare encroach upon our territory. Now, I return to the Crystal from whence I came, stained red with the blood of mine enemies.
Treasure: Berith Desert - Found on the southeast corner of the map.
Nimrud's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired at Valley of Monsters.
Last Words: Black Tortoise l'Cie Nimrud I spent a mortal existence for nearly thirty years, yet my life as a l'Cie spanned all of twenty-four hours. Anshar, out guardian of the Black Tortoise, was fighting furiously against the wicked Wehrer of the western empire. As the Crystal willed, I took arms and set out to defend my home. No longer would the agent of the White Tiger terrorize our lands!
Treasure: Valley of Monsters - Found on the ground on the second to last map.
Clareus's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired along the Innsmouth Coast.
Last Words: Azure Dragon l'Cie Clareus For over a century the Crystal I had served when, without forewarning, from the ocean depths, a sinful serpent did the mages of vermilion call forth. "Cede your lands!" they cried, yet to their demands I refused to capitulate. For my kingdom and her people, I fight. That she may ever maintain independence, I can but pray.
Treasure: Innsmouth Coast
Anshar's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in a deserted house.
Last Words: Black Tortoise l'Cie Anshar I am loath to admit my shortcomings, but I cannot deny them when pressed. Though I pride myself in my power, I was no match for the indomitable Wehrer. Only with the aid of my compatriot was I finally able to fend off the Accursed Tiger of the West. The bitter battle raged on for six days and seven nights, but we guardians of the Black Tortoise emerged victorious. And now, my duty fulfilled at age twenty-one, I close my eyes on Orience one final time.
Treasure: Deserted House - Found near the relic terminal after completing the storyline events.
Tagisu's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in Tower of Agito.
Last Words: Vermilion Bird l'Cie Tagisu For nearly thirty years, I have known nothing but the way of the warrior. I first killed when I was still but a lad, and e'er since that fateful day, I have only been able to feel alive through stealing the life of another. Like a vermilion wildfire razing everything in my path, neither man nor immortal could stand in my way. And now, on the morn of the one-hundred-and-third sunrise, having bested the keeper of the Black Tortoise, I feel the flame inside me grow dim and my body grow cold—like crystal...
Treasure: Tower of Agito - Found on the stairs in the next room after the Glasya Labolas.
Enlil's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in Northern Valley.
Last Words: Black Tortoise l'Cie Enlil I surrendered my soul to the Crystal at the age of twenty-one, and I have since devoted my life to carrying out its Will—and nothing more. Countless sacrifices were necessary, but at last I have perfected a technique to imbue our warriors with power that transcends mortal faculties. My Focus fulfilled, I now take my leave of this world. May these superhuman soldiers defend the Black Tortoise Crystal and her people ever more.
Treasure: Northern Valley - Found at the southwestern gorge.
Ziusudra's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the Jubanla Region.
Last Words: Black Tortoise l'Cie Ziusudra Some years after I received the blessing of life did the Crystal also bequeath unto me its power and its Will. It spoke to me, cried out to me for help: "Vermilion clouds doth gather on yonder horizon. Thou must dispel the coming storm—no matter the cost." Word soon spread to Lorica that the wicked Warrior God Ramuh was rampaging through Orience. My Focus immediately apparent to me, I took up my halberd and readied myself to battle.
Treasure: Jubanla Region
Vesta's Crystalyear A l'Cie Stone acquired in Mahamayuri.
Last Words: Azure Dragon l'Cie Vesta In the 268, once over the threshold of adulthood I crossed, as a humble servant of the honorable Azure Dragon Crystal I chose to live. Following its divine Will, upon a sea of clouds, a citadel did I construct. Therein shall our monarch dwell, and forever may our nation of Concordia prosper!
Treasure: Mahamayuri - Found at the end of the pathway.
Wehrer's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the Azurr District.
Last Words: White Tiger l'Cie Wehrer Why the Crystal chose a wizened old man like me as its trusted retainer I will never know. I trembled with excitement, enraptured by a second chance to stand tall on the field of battle. Even now, in my final moments, I shake with ecstasy knowing I successfully defended the White Tiger from those clad in armor obsidian. Like an impenetrable aegis, I shielded my nation from injury, and now I become something even stronger and more permanent—a crystal.
Treasure: Azurr District - Found near the entrance to the imperial capital.
Theo's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the Cetme District.
Last Words: White Tiger l'Cie Theo For twenty years, I served my country as a soldier in the Militesi Army. At the age of 35, however, it dawned to me that I might better serve the empire by protecting our beacon of hope and thus ensuring its light may guide our nation forever more. Now cognizant of the truth about this world, though, I know our Crystal will only truly be safe from harm once all of Orience is united under the emblem of the White Tiger—and I believe I have found the one man who can accomplish such an incredible task. I have fulfilled my role, and the future of our world rests in his hands.
Treasure: Cetme District
Rino'i's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the Iscah Region.
Last Words: Vermilion Bird l'Cie Rino'i At the age of 22, the Crystal appoint'd me the new defender of the Vermilion Bird and executor of its Will. In accordance with the Crystal's desire for peace, I took it upon myself to eliminate all those who insist'd upon exacerbating conflict. Hypocrisy? Fie upon't! My work will not have been for naught—of this I am certain. With the signing of the Pax Codex, I can finally rest in peace...
Treasure: Iscah Region
Argenia's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the Province of Rilochy.
Last Words: Azure Dragon l'Cie Argenia Nearly half a century had I lived when, in me a responsibility did the Crystal vest. To aid Lord Caelan and Lady Lazuline was I ordered. Working in consort, within the Cursemire of Naraku, the idolatrous heathens did we three seal away. Now that my Focus I have fulfilled, my time has expired. Never shall those gates open—in my final moments, thusly I pray.
Treasure: Rilochy Province - Found near Rilochy and Mahamayuri.
Rhiane's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the West Nesher District.
Last Words: White Tiger l'Cie Rhiane I had spent but five years as an imperial soldier when I witnessed it... All of a sudden, our vermilion enemies began falling, one by one, and victory seemed within our reach. What we confused for divine providence, however was a dreadful curse in disguise. Enormous beasts rose up from the earth and towered over our ranks—and it was then that the Crystal sought my aid. Although I was overwhelmed by this sudden turn of events, in that instant, I awoke to my Focus: slay the wicked creatures and defend the White Tiger.
Treasure: West Nesher District
Jorug's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in East Nesher District.
Last Words: White Tiger l'Cie Jorug It was the year 358. On the cusp of my twentieth year, I was prepared to enlist in the imperial army when the Crystal called out and beseeched me to hear its plea. Vermilion, black, azure--all must perish. Thus, I set out to raze forests, level mountains, and eliminate all who did not swear fealty to the White Tiger. My work complete, now I lay me down to sleep upon the bodies of my foes.
Treasure: East Nesher District - Found across the bridge near Gewehr Base.
Kiyosaki's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the Eibon Region.
Last Words: Vermilion Bird l'Cie Kiyosaki I know not the year nor mine age--not even the reason the Crystal hath select'd me as its avatar. A fog has enveloped so much of my consciousness, yet one thing has become perfectly clear: my absolute potential. The months I spent training since my youth were all for the sake of preparing me for this moment. And now, even the infamous Northern King, clad in his unholy aegis, will kneel before me and fade into eternity.
Treasure: Eibon Region
Tenebra's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the Province of Roshana.
Last Words: Blue Dragon l'Cie Tenebra The year was 150. I was born into an era of strife, a nation divided. Troubled by the state of my country, I sought a means by which I might remedy the discord that plagues my people. It was then that the Blue Dragon Crystal granted me a Focus: to quell the fighting between factions and unite my people under a single flag. Today, at long last, my people are one.
Treasure: Roshana Province
Aarmad's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the Innsmouth Region.
Last Words: White Tiger l'Cie Aarmad I was born into this world in the year 277, but it was not until some thirty years later that I discovered my true calling. Were it not for the White Tiger Crystal, I would surely have lived out my days without purpose. Together with my fellow countrymen, I helped create an iron juggernaut, one that might lead our fair nation to glory—and now, I lie myself down to sleep. Unto you, my compatriots, I entrust the future of our fatherland.
Treasure: Innsmouth Region - Found at the furthest end of the pathway, near Innsmouth Coast.
Caetuna's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the Meroë Region.
Last Words: Vermilion Bird l'Cie Caetuna 'Twas oh-so long ago... Many moons have pass'd—so many that my memories have grown dim—since thou bestow'd unto me the boon of thy blade. Indebted am I unto souls innumerable, and yet little else have I done but deprive those myriad men of the selfsame life with which they bless'd me. 'Tis quite just, mayhap, that one so callous as I should suffer a fate as chilling as this...
Treasure: Meroë Region - Found on the hill near the border to the Cetme District, after Chapter 6.
Qun'mi's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in the Old Lorica Region.
Last Words: White Tiger l'Cie Qun'mi This sucks... Someone finally goes outta their way to talk to me, and what do I get? "Gimme gimme gimme." Hah! I don't owe you anything. Clearly you don't know the first thing about me because I'm all about stealing. I want to make it all mine—to make him all mine...but it's too late for that. I might as well just complete my Focus and get this over with. I'm giving you all the power I've got, little boy. Don't screw this up.
Treasure: Old Lorica Region - Found on the left side of the crater, en route to the Black Tortoise Crevasse.
Rem's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in Pandæmonium.
Last Words: Vermilion Bird l'Cie Rem I couldn't stand staying asleep any longer. I fought as hard as I was able, but I couldn't seem to open my eyes. The only thought I had on my mind was how I longed to see his face again now...and that's when I heard his voice:"I'm right here," he whispered. It was then that I finally woke up. I thought I might still've been dreaming, but I took one look at his face and knew my dream had become a reality now. I missed you dearly, Machina...
Treasure: Pandæmonium - Found at Machina and Rem's crystal statue.
Machina's Crystal A l'Cie Stone acquired in Pandæmonium.
Last Words: White Tiger l'Cie Machina My Focus was... The Crystal told me to stop the Vermillion Bird l'Cie, to stop...Rem? No, but I...was supposed to protect her. All I wanted to do was protect Rem... How could I let this happen to her? Why did I listen to the Crystal? And why did the Crystal sound so much like Cid Aulstyne? ...That doesn't matter now! I have to save Rem! Someone! Please, help her! Please...
Treasure: Pandæmonium - Found at Machina and Rem's crystal statue.
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Etymology and symbolism[edit | edit source]

The l'Cie Stones are known as "pyroxene" in Japanese. A pyroxene is a type of pleochroic igneous silicate rock. It appears in diverse colours depending on the metallic element in its ionic crystal structure. In Greek superstition, they were thought as the impurities of lava forming as crystals found embedded in volcanic glass, hence the term "fire strangers". Their Japanese naming instead has more relation to the xenolithic nature of the latter meaning, referring to the jewel content that was widely treasured and coveted amongst the nation's greatly igneous land composition.

Due to l'Cie stones forming upon a l'Cie's stasis, they are likely the result between one l'Cie's spiritual and magical power convalescing with material conduits and elements to create a fragment containing an essence of their being, hence their alluded similarities to the classical idea of "fire strangers", and to how different ones come from different l'Cie of other crystals of color and variety. In this sense, they are similar to eidoliths from Final Fantasy XIII.

Śarīra are spiritual relics of Buddhist nature, which are the crystallized remains of bodhisavvas found after cremation, and made existent after the passing of Buddha. It is believed that they embody the spiritual knowledge, teachings, realizations or living essence of spiritual masters prior, and are taken as evidence of the masters' enlightenment and spiritual purity.

Other appearances[edit | edit source]

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