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So, after bombing Reactors 1 and 5, what do the eco-terrorists do? They go for the trifecta and take out Mako Reactor 7! Another attack by amateurs who don't care about collateral damage. The sky is falling and Avalanche is to blame!

Kyrie, spreading Shinra propaganda about Avalanche

Kyrie Canaan [ˈkɪərieɪ] is a minor character in Final Fantasy VII Remake, and the female protagonist in The Kids Are Alright: A Turks Side Story. She is a former delinquent from Midgar's Sector 5 slums who later serves as a detective alongside her close friend, Evan Townshend.



FFVIIR Kyrie blaming


Kyrie is a young woman with long, black hair with bangs, and striking brown eyes inherited from her grandmother, Mireille Dudley. Being a tomboy, she wears sporty clothing consisting of a cropped gray double-breasted vest with a gray cropped undershirt, cutoff denim short shorts with black biker shorts underneath, long gray and black striped stockings, and black lace-up knee-high boots. Kyrie wears various unique accessories including burnt sienna gloves, three wallet chains attached to her shorts, and a belt with a crescent moon-shaped buckle like the pin on Evan's hat. A dark teal gatsby hat and a blue scarf hanging from her belt are added to her outfit in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

In The Kids Are Alright, Kyrie dons several outfits and accessories but her main ensemble now includes a racing jacket with a design of a Bomb enemy on the back turned into a sleeveless top by her friend and colleague, Leslie Kyle.


Five gil apiece—cough it up! The truth ain't free, you know!


During her tenure as a swindler and pickpocket, Kyrie was mischievous, plucky, and deceptive to survive the squalor in the slums of Midgar although it got her into trouble. She was an opportunist who'd use any angle she saw to get what she wanted, even if it meant attempting to cash in on the public's anxiety during a time of uncertainty. She is tenacious, as Barret comments that it's a miracle Kyrie has managed to stay alive. After Cloud, Barret, and Tifa go out of their way to help her out of a jam, the lesson she's supposed to learn goes over Kyrie's head as she promises to "only steal from the right people". Despite her criminal behavior, she still has a caring and playful relationship with her grandmother, her sole surviving relative; though as Mireille points out, much to Kyrie's dismay, she tends to be nosy, get herself involved in others' business, and doesn't take responsibility for her actions.

After meeting Evan, Kyrie is inspired by him to turn her life around. She leaves her life of crime, cuts ties with those who try to tempt her back, and acts more mature to gain Evan's approval. They form a complicated relationship as she knows he strives to do good things but puts up a front and acts like a tough guy; likewise, Evan knows that despite Kyrie's criminal background, she isn't a bad person but an irresponsible troublemaker who tends to attract trouble. She is eager to assist him in his detective work so that she may aid and support others in need. While working together, Kyrie and Evan's feelings for each other grow, though they openly deny any romantic attraction. As an investigator, Kyrie finds joy in making people happy and she helps Evan and, in some ways herself, answer questions about the mysteries of the remnants of Shinra and Meteorfall's impact on the inhabitants of Edge.

Ever since a traumatic experience during which a friend of hers died in a fire, Kyrie suffers from pyrophobia, a fear of fire. Reno and Rude say Kyrie reminds them of her old friend Aerith in how both women, despite their boldness, "underestimate" the Turks.


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Early lifeEdit

In 1990, in a secluded part of the Sector 5 slums, Kyrie was born into a family of thieves. Her parents were pickpockets and her grandmother, Mireille, a thief. Growing up, she was close friends with Aerith as they often played together in the old church. Their favorite pastimes included holding pretend wedding ceremonies and discussing the flowers Aerith tended to there.

One day, Aerith told Kyrie to hurry home. Kyrie thought she was being mean since Kyrie stepped on the flowers, so Kyrie left for home upset. When she got there, Kyrie saw her parents' bodies being carried in after they were killed for stealing a man's wallet. The orphaned Kyrie was then raised by her grandmother. When she was 10, Mireille told Kyrie about the lifestream and the Ancients. She figured out that Aerith was an Ancient, and when they met again, Kyrie said that she scared her. After that, Kyrie stopped going to the church, and over the next seven years, she became a crook like her parents before her, continuing her family's tradition of thievery.

Final Fantasy VII RemakeEdit

What? It wasn't me. You've got the wrong girl! Never committed a crime in my life!

FFVIIR Sector 7 Slums Station and Kyrie

Kyrie gets off a train at the Sector 7 Slums station.

Sometime after Avalanche destroys Mako Reactor 1 and sneaks aboard a train to escape back to the Midgar Slums, Kyrie is riding in the same car as Cloud, Jessie, Biggs, and Wedge scanning the car for someone to rob, while Barret is in another railcar. She deboards the train at the Sector 7 slums station before the Avalanche members return to their base at the Seventh Heaven bar. Just outside the bar, Kyrie is among a small group discussing the reactor explosion. She tells them about the expressway to the Sector 8 station collapsing due to the explosion, and how the relief efforts aren't going well despite Shinra's military being sent in to help. She asks each of them for three gil since she risked her life to get the information for them, and nothing is free. She is also heard describing how the ground shook from the explosion.

Kyrie Canaan speech from Final Fantasy VII Remake

Kyrie speaks before a crowd about Avalanche.

A while after Shinra drops the Sector 7 plate, Kyrie returns to the church for the first time in years to get flowers for those who died in the disaster and learns that Aerith was kidnapped by the Turks. The following day, after Cloud, Tifa, and Barret leave Marlene with Elmyra Gainsborough to go and save Aerith, they encounter Kyrie. Standing on a podium above a small crowd, she delivers "topside news" about Avalanche, such as the fall of the Sector 7 plate being their fault, their activities being funded by Wutai, and that despite advocating the people of the slums, they're just pawns of the foreign nation. When she's done, Kyrie tries to con the crowd out of five gil apiece, but the people grow paranoid over the possibility of another war with Wutai, forgetting about Kyrie and how she just tried to scam them.

While exploring the slums, Cloud, Tifa, and Barret learn from the reporter Damon about a rumor of the key to Don Corneo's secret vault being stolen. Speaking about it to Mireille, she tells them that Kyrie might know something. They run into Johnny who was mugged by a girl fitting Kyrie's description.

Kyrie at Sector 5 Church from FFVII Remake

Kyrie at Aerith's church.

Finding her in the church admiring Aerith's flowers, Kyrie nervously feigns innocence but relaxes after Tifa mentions Johnny's wallet. Recognizing Cloud as the mercenary who's been helping the people in the slums, Kyrie asks for his help since Shinra is after her. She claims she stole from Shinra unknowingly when she took the key to Corneo's vault. When Tifa tells her to return the stolen items, Kyrie refuses, shedding fake tears and begging for protection from Shinra, so Cloud says they will deal with Shinra for her. Kyrie perks up and tells them Shinra's people are waiting for her at the Corneo Colosseum.

After taking Kyrie's place and winning the match, Kyrie thanks Barret, Cloud, and Tifa and tries to leave, but Mireille appears and scolds her, revealing their kinship. Kyrie returns the key and Johnny's wallet and soon leaves the church.


Kyrie and Mireille survive Meteorfall, and Kyrie becomes acquainted with Leslie. A week after Meteorfall, Kyrie meets Evan while he walks around the plate at night. She is sitting by a roadside near abandoned houses and bleeding from her right knee. Evan directs his flashlight at her and, just before he leaves, Kyrie asks if he's a local and if he has water for her to wash her wound. Evan answers yes to both questions and though Kyrie says she only needs half, Evan offers to let her use the last of his water.

After stopping the bleeding, Kyrie's knee still hurts when she tries to walk, so Evan offers to carry her on his back. Traveling to the slums, the two introduce themselves but Kyrie uses her grandmother's name. While Evan carries Kyrie down Corkscrew Tunnel, she asks if she can carry his shoulder bag since it is hitting against her sore foot and Evan lets her. They make it to the slums train station, where they smell the odor of burning corpses nearby, the bodies of those who died from Geostigma. Kyrie thanks the exhausted Evan, jumps off his back, and points behind him, telling him she thinks a woman is calling him. Thinking it could be his missing mother, Evan looks where Kyrie pointed. When he turns back around, he sees her running off with his bag and he's too worn out to chase after her.

Half a day later, Kyrie returns to Evan, who had stayed in the slums since she robbed him, and tells him to go with her. She admits how she would pretend to be hurt, ask to be carried by her mark, and exhaust the person before holding a knife to their throat and rip them off. Kyrie explains she would target middle-aged men who look in poor physical shape. However, she truly got injured this time, and since Evan was kind to her, Kyrie debated whether to go all the way with the scam. After she apologizes, Evan asks why she came back for him. Kyrie says she got told off by her grandmother. She leads Evan to her house, where he meets Mireille and gets his bag back before Kyrie tells him her real name.

Three days later, after Evan seemingly gives Kyrie and Mireille a chance to make it up to him and they take him in, Kyrie returns home at night from "work", during which she met with her friend, Fabio Brown, to help him with a job in the Sector 7 slums. A man who formerly lived on the Sector 7 plate was looking for something and asked Kyrie and Fabio for help. They brought in Leslie while he called three more friends, and the six of them searched until they found what the man was trying to find: a large safe. Grateful, he paid them a large sum of money and they split it between themselves. This job eventually leads to the creation of the detective agency, Mireille's Investigative Services.

The following day, after Evan goes back to his former home on the Sector 6 plate and returns to the slums. Kyrie meets him at the station and introduces him to Leslie and Fabio, saying they'd be partners in the detective business with them. The business takes off well as they focus on missing persons since Meteorfall separated many relatives and friends. Sometime later, Mireille falls ill and passes away. Now all alone, Kyrie becomes depressed but, to overcome her grief, she remodels her home into an office for the business with help from her friends.

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The name Kyrie derives from the Greek word κυριος (kyrios), meaning lord. It also comes from the Kyrie eleison, a Christian prayer meaning "Lord, have mercy".

Canaan is a masculine biblical name that describes a merchant or trader. It is derived from the ancient name of the territory that became Israel, as well as the predominant tribe conquered by the Hebrew peoples circa 1000 BCE.

For her Japanese name, Kirie is a feminine given name meaning "fog painting" (霧絵) or "paulownia painting" (桐絵). The family name Kanan means "southern fruits" (果南).


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