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Kuzotz is an archipelago from Final Fantasy XI. Located just off the southwest coast of the continent of Quon, the Kuzotz region is made up of tiny islands, the largest being a desert-covered landmass known as Zepwell. This region requires Rise of the Zilart expansion to access.

Many centuries ago, this region was controlled by the Galka. However, after an invasion by the Antican Empire, the Galka were forced to flee their homeland. Now the sands are ruled by the overwhelming power of the Empire's armies. [1]

The region remains a popular destination for parties in the mid-level ranges. With the advent of Fields of Valor, it has become increasingly popular with solo players and small groups. Thanks to its arid landscape, the region is often beset by fierce sandstorms and torrid heat waves.


This area is subject to Conquest.


  • Cactuar Needle
  • Thundermelon
  • Watermelon


Eastern Altepa Desert[]


The eastern half of Zepwell Island is made up of this arid desert wasteland. While remnants of the ancient Galkan civilization that once thrived here dot the landscape, today the area is dominated by sand, wind, and the occasional Antican that roams the dunes. The region's outpost is located in this zone, near the southern oasis.

The telepoint crystal for Teleport-Altep is also located in this zone. Chocobo rental services and a Field Manual is available near the crystal for the convenience of travelers.

Western Altepa Desert[]


This enormous expanse of desert covers the entire western half of Zepwell Island. Out of its center rises Revelation Rock, which was once used by the Galka as a location for spiritual training. To the northeast, one can find the largest oasis of the desert: Rabao.


Quicksand Caves[]

Once a thriving metropolis for the proud Galka, these caves still house numerous monolithic pillars and statues that, in many places, remain untouched by the sands of time. However, long ago, the Antica drove the Galka from their homes, and the tunnels were transformed into a giant nest.

This dungeon is somewhat unique as it has multiple entrances across both sides of the Altepa Desert.

Chamber of Oracles[]

This mysterious chamber lies deep beneath the sands of Zepwell Island. The white, bone-like walls and pillars closely resemble those found scattered about Vana'diel. This zone serves as a battlefield area for various encounters, including BCNM.

Cloister of Tremors[]

This tunnel contains the Earth Protocrystal, where the avatar Titan lies sleeping.

Musical themes[]


"Rabao" plays in Rabao. "Altepa Desert" plays in both regions of the Altepa Desert.