Moguta is Kupo for Kupo Nuts.

I'm Kupo for Kupo Nuts!


Kupo Nut (クポの実, Kupo no Mi?) is a recurring item in the series. They are a kind of food that moogles enjoy eating.


Final Fantasy VII

Kupo Nuts appear in the "House of Mog" minigame in the Gold Saucer's Wonder Square. The player must feed Mog the correct amount of Kupo Nuts to allow him to fly.

Final Fantasy IX

A key item received in Lindblum. Favorite food of the moogles.


Though their exact properties are unknown, moogles seem capable of performing great feats of strength when tempted by, or after eating, a Kupo Nut. The player gets a Kupo Nut every time they deliver a letter to a moogle via Mognet provided they do not have one already. Vivi gets the first Kupo Nut via an Active Time Event in Lindblum.

The player can deliver the Kupo Nuts to Moguta in Gizamaluke's Grotto for prizes, usually a Tent (84/256 chances), a Phoenix Pinion (86/256 chances) or an Ether (86/256 chances). The player can get an Elixir for the first Kupo Nut given during Lindblum's annexation, an Extension for the first Kupo Nut given after returning to the Mist Continent from the Outer Continent excursion, and an Aloha T-Shirt for the first Kupo Nut given after the player has the Invincible. Getting these "special" items contributes towards Treasure Hunter Rank.

Final Fantasy XIV

Kupo Nuts first appear in the Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward expansion and are used as quest items in several moogle-related sidequests.

Fake Kupo Nuts and Exploding Kupo Nuts are crafted by the player to play a prank on the moogles of the Churning Mists as part of the Mogmenders beast tribe quests.

Carved Kupo Nuts are a currency rewarded for completing Mogmender quests, and can be used to purchase various items from the merchant Mogmul Mogbelly.

Pictlogica Final Fantasy

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Non-Final Fantasy guest appearances

Kingdom Hearts series

Kupo Nuts appear in Kingdom Hearts χ[chi] as a rare item that can be exchanged for Assist Cards. When encountering a moogle in the wild, the player can either exchange one Unripe Kupo Nut (in infinite supply) for a weaker Assist Card, one Ripe Kupo Nut for a stronger Assist Card, or three Ripe Kupo Nuts for five stronger Assist Cards at once.


  • Moguta's reaction to Kupo Nuts in Final Fantasy IX is reminiscent of the longtime slogan of General Mills' Sonny the Cuckoo Bird, mascot for Cocoa Puffs brand cereal: "I'm cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs!"
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