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Marine moogles with a penchant for piracy. They spend their weekends relaxing on the beach. Through the wonders of Grymoirian magic (also known as "budget limitations"), they all share the same voice.

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Kupirate is an enemy in World of Final Fantasy.


Base Stats Edit

Encounter Stats Edit

Saronia Docks Edit

The ColiseumEdit

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EX Dungeon AEdit

Hidden DungeonEdit


Location Formation
Saronia Docks - Pirate Ship - Deck Kupirate x6
The Coliseum - Kupirate Krisis Kupirate x6
The Coliseum - Consecutive Boss Battles 1 Kupirate x6 (Battle 1)
EX Dungeon A - Area 3 Sharqual Stack (Kupirate, Sharqual) x3
Hidden Dungeon - Water route - Floor 2 Kupirate x2, Minimantoise
Hidden Dungeon - Water route - Floor 2 Kupirate x4

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Kupirate is a portmanteau of "kupo" and "pirate".

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