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A female Natura who lives in Gungan, a nation of beasts. Kunshira's appearance greatly resembles that of a cat. She serves King Yashka, the ruler of the Natura tribe, as his close aide. Although her personality is on the serious side, she enjoys being outdoors like any other Natura. Unhappy with the current misunderstanding between the beast tribes, she is hoping to find a solution through diplomacy.

In-game description

Kunshira is a supporting character in Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. She is a cat-like Natura that meets Lasswell's party when they visit her homeland, Gungan, in their search for the missing Rain. She faithfully serves King Yashka as his aide, alongside the king's bodyguard Wadow.



Kunshira is a female beastman with rather feline characteristics. Her fur is mostly pink with purple markings all over her body, and two long strands of "hair" coming from the sides of her face, she also has green eyes. She wears many decorations, including a golden necklace, golden piercings on her ears, a golden adornment and ring in her tail. She also uses an energy blade called Lumiere which she seems to control telekinetically.

Being a former Shibyra, Kunshira can adopt a bipedal posture, although she is seen most of the time in a quadrupedal one.


Kunshira is a serious person, taking her duties and the overall state of her land with deep concern. She worries about the ongoing conflict on Gungan and is voiceful of reaching a diplomatic solution rather than wage combat. Her Nature-loving heart made her side with the Natura, despite her Shibyra origins, which made her ostracized from both sides. After being saved by King Yashka of th Shibyra, she became eternally grateful to him and serves as his aide speaking very fondly of his new lord and has difficulty going against King Yaksha's decisions. Although having difficulty setting in with the Natura, she eventually managed to be accepted, even by Wadow, who was a particularly difficult individual.


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Kunshira is a tremendously powerful Hybrid Damage unit. She has coverage for Fire, Water, Lightning, Wind and Light elements and is able to serve as a either a chainer or finisher in all of them. She also has some decent support prowess as some of her abilities bestow elemental resistance buffs and she can also likewise decrease enemies' resistances to the elements she uses. She can also inflict Non Elemental Damage, through Mageblade, Superior Mageblade and her Limit Burst, all of whom are strong finishers. Her passives grant her innate Dual Wield for Swords and Rods, and she also gains significant boosts in ATK/MAG by equipping both weapons. Overall this makes her very easy to equip and use for great results.