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Kunsel is a SOLDIER 2nd Class and one of Zack Fair's best friends. He plays a minor role in Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- and is mentioned in Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Kunsel acts as Zack's tutor, advising on what to do on and in-between missions. During the opening tutorials Kunsel instructs Zack via phone.



Kunsel wears the standard SOLDIER 2nd Class uniform. His face is hidden by a SOLDIER helmet.


Kunsel is a laid-back individual who cares more for his friends than his career. He is loyal to Zack, and boasts that he has insider knowledge about their employer, Shinra Electric Power Company. Kunsel knows how to get information and find out various secrets. He is aware of the movements of Genesis Rhapsodos, Angeal Hewley, and Sephiroth, and knows Jenova Project resulted in a schism in Shinra's science department 20 years ago.

While Kunsel is loyal to Shinra, he is aware of the company's shadier dealings, and thus does not trust its position that Genesis was killed in action. Kunsel distrusts the company's announcements regarding Zack, and implies he would go against Shinra if it meant keeping his friend safe.


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Kunsel knows the inner workings of the Shinra Electric Power Company, privy to information most of its employees would normally hear little about. He learns that the monsters in Midgar were set free from Professor Hojo's laboratory, that Director Lazard Deusericus laundered money from Shinra, and that Dr. Hollander had ties to Banora Village, the hometown of Angeal Hewley and Genesis Rhapsodos. Kunsel knows about the Turks and their hunt for two escaped "samples," as well as the mass desertion at SOLDIER.

Kunsel speaks with Zack in the Shinra Building.

He sends Zack emails regarding Shinra and its employees, and commonly ventures out into Midgar, either to see LOVELESS or simply wander the streets. Even after Zack is declared dead, Kunsel remains loyal to his friend. He states in an email that he has visited and spoken to Aerith Gainsborough, making note of how she refused to allow him to fix a wheel that had broken off of her flower cart.

Perhaps due to his extensive knowledge of those declared dead by Shinra, Kunsel continues to believe that Zack is alive during his four-year absence. When he hears about the "samples" that have escaped from Nibelheim, Kunsel emails Zack and tells him to get back to Midgar.

If Zack defeats Minerva, Kunsel sends Zack an email that describes him as a SOLDIER legend.

In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Kunsel is mentioned by an officer while in Shinra Building, who recognizes Cloud. It is implied that Kunsel knew Cloud as well as Zack and that he still remained skeptical of the news of their deaths.

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Kunsel is voiced by Crispin Freeman in the English version of Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII-. He shares his voice actor with Rude. Kunsel only speaks in one cutscene, which depicts a conversation between him and Zack.