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The Kumbha is a weapon in Final Fantasy XII. It is the upgraded Masamune added to the Zodiac versions. The Kumbha is rather unique, as in spirit, it is a katana, however, it improves over other katanas by being one-handed, which makes it technically a one-handed sword, and so the wielder can also equip a shield. Its damage formula and stats are more like a katana's though, and its license is only found on the Bushi board, the only board for katana users.

In addition to being the strongest spiritual katana, it is the longest short-range weapon with double the reach of all other short-range weapons. Like Masamune, the Kumbha deals frequent hit combos and thus works especially well with the Genji Gloves accessory.


A red zigzag pattern runs the length of the blade, weaving its way across delicate inlay.

Bazaar description

Kumbha is obtained through the Master-crafted Blade bazaar set. The player needs to sell two Gemsteels, three Orichalcums and two Mallets, and pay 350,000 gil. The Gemsteels need to be created at the bazaar, the Orichalcum are obtained from Deidar and Vishno, and Mallets are obtained from Purobolos and Bombshell, as well as Montblanc for defeating King Bomb.

It is also stolen from Gilgamesh in Trial Mode Stage 94.

Gemsteel is a coveted crafting ingredient as they are also needed for making the Tournesol. They are made in the bazaar by selling Scarletite x1 (easiest way to obtain is to steal from the trophy rare game Aspidochelon without killing it), Damascus Steel x2 (easiest acquired by stealing from Anchag rare game), and Hell-Gate's Flame x2 (monograph drop from Cerberus), and then purchased for 29,997 gil.



In Hindu astrology, the kumbha stands for the zodiac sign Aquarius and is also associated with the Kumbh Mela, which happens when the planet Brihaspati moves into Aquarius.

It is called Masamune I in the Japanese version, with all the letters at the ends of the newly added upgraded weapons spelling out "FINAL FANTASY".